Being a mother is not a piece of cake when you are burdened under too many responsibilities things are stressing you out and making you depressed. There are phases and an episode of depression that hits the mother, and they drop in the state of uncertainty, sometimes they don’t even know how their depression is affecting the people around them. Living with some persistent depressive disorder is not something to let go of, they are bothering in various ways.

There are impacts of your depression on your child as well. The uncertainty and troubling such as feeling sad, fuzzy, headaches, and tiredness when you were alone was manageable or ignored but now, you are responsible for another human being, things are now different. Most of the time, your symptoms might make you question, whether you are parenting the right way or not?

When you realize, there is no way to separate parenting and depression, you need to find out the ways that can balance both in a better way. Well, mothers usually command their children to keep themselves busy with games or books, but leaving a kid this way is not said to be the right way of parenting.

Moms need more energy to persist and keep things manageable. If you are a working woman, you need to balance the workload, house chores, and your children altogether with your persisting depression. This means you are going to drop all of your energy levels. Well, when you are out all the time, your kids are missing a big-time without you. When your kid is spending most of the hours on his play station, he must be missing most of the productive things. But, when you both try to catch up with that thing, the masses have already moved to the next cool thing.

Well, you must be spending years with the same problem, and it would be tiring you and, of course, when you see your kid being neglected. But from the time you start giving him time, your kid is doing good and getting excellent results.

Yes, mothers agonized about their disorder, but as the whole world is going through COVID-19 and you might be noticing some changes in your kid. He must be addicted to comfort food, being unproductive, and wasting hours on video games. You are observing it all because you are at home and neglecting your depression by paying attention to your kid’s activities day and night. Now you have started to feel better as you are spending the whole day with your child, the episode that makes you feel depressed has disappeared.

Hence, moms reported that being home and spending hours with family and children are making them learn about how to combat the scary time and the strange symptoms. They also said that they have learned the mechanism to cope up with depressive disorder. They now realize how their family members and kids were facing those stressful and sad situations. The fun hours with kids, making meals with new recipes, exercise, fun activities, and binge-watching the shows and movies are the basic tools to try on!