Coronavirus is defined as the most deadly virus which is taking lives within days if it is not treated. The year 2019 ends with the virus, and throughout the year 2020, we haven’t seen any sign of its going. As there is no proven vaccine or completely effective treatment. Some of the experts are saying we should learn to live with this fatal virus.

As we have already entered 2021, we are just thinking about what we should do now and what does it look like. It is hard to accept that we have to raise our kids in this environment. The question boils down in almost every mind: should we allow SARS-CoV-2 to supper in the population while we are protecting the elder and the people who are at high risk, hence making levels of immunity in the population? Or should we hope for the eradication of the virus and follow the preventive measures?

Coronavirus vaccine seems like years away, and the threats are developing every year. It has become difficult to shore up health care for the people who are prone to it. Millions of people have already lost their lives, and millions are combating it.

The long journey along this virus makes us too stressed. But, still, there is hope surrounded by us, experts will someday find the vaccine. Every disease that comes out of viruses like mumps, measles, and rubella has a vaccine, however, a vaccine for Hepatitis C, HIV, Zika, and Malaria is still difficult to catch. But when we will get the preventive treatments for Corona?

Coming up with the satisfying answer to the question that is popping up these days is rather tough. Here comes the concept of ‘Herd Immunity.’ What it is actually? There is around 60% of masses have become immune to this disease, it probably entreats. Still, people don’t understand this term correctly. No one has ever achieved the concept of controlling the infectious disease by natural immunity beforehand. We still looking for the vaccine of Covid-19, and herd immunity is associated with the targeted vaccination.

Since this deadly disease enters into the world, we are just leading our lives with a mask and a sanitizer in our hands. Looking for the precautionary measures each day and comparing the bars of the cases. No broad fluctuation has been observed yet, shall we continue with this all?

The adjustments aren’t sure, and it is hard to accept the uncertainty we are battling with each day. The WHO’s special envoy for Covid-19, David Nabarro in the interview with BBC has said that we should learn to live with the coronavirus as it is not going away. It is still not known how long it will take to come up with the vaccine or treatment. We should learn to work with the virus, maintain social relations with the virus, and with the lockdowns to control the spread of infections that could occur.