Whether you are a morning person or not, when you become a mother you have to wake up early in the morning. Or probably before your kid wakes up. Well, normally, waking up early is a struggling part for most of the new moms. You might not sleep late, but, you need time to wake up and prepare yourself for the day in bed. Whenever a mum wakes up they listen to the voices, ‘play with me’, ‘give me some candies’, ‘I am hungry.’ Well, with all that going on in your house before you wake up, this panics you.

If your baby is just a few months, it would be difficult for you to wake up early, as your newborn keeps you awake for the whole night. Managing the chores when you have a few months’ infants and have school going kids along, it’s hard to wake up early. Usually, those moms experience a huge drain of health, they have no sleep almost or a few hours’ sleep. 

Well, you are left with only two options, say goodbye to your good sleeping hours or put some morning burdens on your husband. Most of the mommies will go with the second option probably.

You are lucky if your husband helps you with the morning chores. Usually, some of the husbands are caring, they get up a little early with their children and when mommies wake up they see their husband playing with children, this gives time to settle and make breakfast.

The biggest problem in waking up early in the morning is with mommies. They get no way to have a good sleeping time. Kids from 1-9 months do not have consistency in sleeping, they wake up for the whole night whenever they are hungry. So, moms should wake up with them after every 2-3 hours. When you wake up in the morning you find yourself drowsy and probably not ready to do anything

Another scenario is, of course, mommies must be missing the time they love to spend with themselves to relax and enjoy me-time. Well, mostly when children sleep at night mothers start watching their favorite series, have some skincare, or spend some time with their husband. All that takes almost 3-4 hours at night and you don’t realize as you must be enjoying that all. But, this disturbs your sleep and you have to wake up early as well and yes, don’t forget those nights wake up intervals.

Most of the time you are making a schedule to regulate your routine and finally decided to wake up early the next morning. But your kid has started teething problems. Once the babies start teething there is no way to welcome the good sleeping hours. Usually, they cry the whole night, mostly children have diarrhea, fever, and flu due to teething and this annoys them the whole day and night.

You hardly have the blissful silence at night and peaceful tight sleeping nights until your baby turns 1. Still, never give up finding ways to take at least 6 hours of sleep and discover the tips to make a sleeping and feeding schedule for your newborn.