Well, as we all know, it is the quintessential part of being a baby when they suck their thumb. This looks cute on them. But, if they suck their whole hand or other fingers, do you think it is normal or not? The answer is straight, yes! And if we go with the details all and all the answer would remain yes! But there is some additional information that you should know and how to control the prevalence if you find it too frequent.

Well, whatever a baby do it is a way of communication and basically, he is trying to tell something. So if you see your kid eating his hands all the time or at some specific time, he must be telling you something. But you need to learn how to figure out what is he trying to say.

Common Reasons Babies Sucking their Hands

You need to be a little investigator when it comes to understanding why your newborn suck his hands. The reasons vary on their age and the development phases. Here are some common reasons that help you out.


The most common reason babies suck their hands is teething. Infants start teething between 4 and 7 months, so if your baby is doing so, it could be the reason. Usually, babies feel discomfort in their gums, and rubbing something on the sore spots like their hands, fingers, or fists makes them feel good.

If you observe your baby wake up during nights, having too many discomforts, acting out irritable, and drooling you can blame teething as a cause.


Babies are too sharp to grab all of the attention and when they are putting their hands in their mouth they are telling their moms that they are hungry. Sucking is the natural instinct, as you see when they get they suck on their bottles they get food, similarly, when they are sucking their hands they are giving you the clue that it is the feeding time.


When babies are born their life is so fussy in their errands like sleeping, eating, pooping, and crying. However, when your little ones wake up during day times other than their sleep/wake cycle, they experience a new feeling, which is boredom.

Well, it is good for your kid to enjoy the time outside your arms, like in their crib, walker, and bouncy seat or among the toys. But they very soon get tired of spending time away from you. In this scenario when a baby sucks their hands they are soothing themselves as they want to change.


When you know you have fed your baby, and his stomach is full, but instead, he is sucking his hands, this is the indication of self-soothing. Most of the babies sleep while they are breastfeeding or feeding on the bottle, this makes them encounter sucking reflex. The beginning phases of sleep and hand sucking, make them feel relaxed and dwindle.

Hand sucking creates a calming sensation that makes them feel good and relaxed. The babies between 7 to 8 months put their hands in the mouth for a similar reason.