Intermittent fasting is the eating cycle that runs between the periods of easting and fasting. It never signifies which food you should eat during this period, but it determines when to eat food. It is not remarkably known as a kind of a diet, but it is described as a healthy eating pattern. Normally, the methods that are involved in intermitted fasting are daily 16 hours fasts or 24 hours fasting twice a week.

Well, you are always finding some effective ways to shed the extra pounds, you must have decided to channel the inner potential that motivates you to cut off the fat. You already have purchased the sweatband to absorb all of the tarns coming off your forehead as you climb the stairs or running with the tiger speed. Daily, you must be checking the results of your 30-minutes mission. But, just face it, as you have to! Despite being disappointed, begin with some natural ways to shed your weight healthily.

Physicians recommend intermittent fasting as the best way to achieve weight loss in a lesser timeframe. It allows the body to consume energy more efficiently, instead of eating carbs to breakdown fats. Before you go for intermittent fasting, there are some facts you should stay aware of.

Methods of fasting

  • 5-2 fast: A person can take normal calories five days a week, and then on two consecutive days the consumption would be limited to under 500 to 600 calories.
  • Time-restrictive fast: This is the pattern when you restrict the times every day you eat.
  • 24-hours fast: In this eating pattern a person fasts for the whole day, once or at least twice a day.
  • Alternate-day fast: On the alternate days, a person eats one-fourth of regular calories.

You can drink when you are Fasting

Many people do not drink when they are fasting, and it causes dehydration. But, during fasting, you can drink if the beverage has zero-calories. Coffees and teas are considered appetite suppressors and recommended if nothing is added, such as sweeteners or creams.

Health Benefits Other than Weight Loss

There are many health benefits of fasting other than weight loss, such as it improves insulin resistance, enhances hormones, increases anti-aging, and reduces inflammation. Moreover, it is significant to consider that there are no such researches which have exposed more health benefits in people who fats when compared to people who go with a calorie-restricted diet.

Eat High Fiber Foods

When you have start fasting, begin with foods that are rich in fiber like fruits, beans, vegetables, and nuts moreover, protein-rich foods are also beneficial, such as tofu, meats, and fish. If you are planning to start intermittent fasting, talk to your doctor first.

Work out during Fasting

People say that they feel more energetic when they are fasting. Expert recommends exercise before eating as the body feels more hungry 30 minutes or 1 hour after a workout. If you are fasting on alternate days and exercising on 500-600 per day, exclude your food after the exercise.