When you are finally having a baby and months are quite closer, you have some mixed feelings. You might be anxious, nervous, and excited also, but you must be scared at the same time. Well, the excitement of holding your baby in your hands is above everything. The excitement begins when you see the first ultrasound and just guessing the gender as you have to decorate the room and buy the clothes and all stuff.

But, ask yourself, are you ready to welcome your little one? Well, bringing your baby home is the biggest breakthrough, when you are alone, and if it’s your first baby, there is no one to guide you. Before the baby arrives, it is important to make a list of basics that make you fully prepared for the baby’s errands. It is not important to gather everything once, with the time you will find what more you and your baby will need. Here are some basics you should know before bringing your baby home.

Prepare a comfortable Sleeping Place

For newborn babies, the safest place to sleep is near you, not on your bed. The crib of the baby should near you, so it would be easy for you to see whenever your baby cries. Select the comfiest and safest crib, get the fluffy crib stuff like pillows and stuffed toys. Make sure the stuff on the crib doesn’t suffocate your baby.

Baby’s Feeding Tools

Well, if you have decided to breastfeed your infant, then you might not need many tools. A nursing bra and pillow is enough for you. But if you will give top feed to your baby, then you should buy nipples, quality feeding bottles, containers, and formula milk as prescribed by the pediatricians. Oh yes, the burb clothes and towels should be in your hands.

Safe Car Seat

As per the law, until you have a safe car seat the hospital won’t let you go. The car seats for the infants should b rear-facing as it is the safest in case of any crash. While you are using the car seats look at the cautions carefully and concern with the car seat safety experts. Ask them, for how long as possible to keep the children rear-facing.

Buy the Clothes and Basics

On the first day, all you need is a good baby suit, towel, bib, a cap, and diaper for the baby. Moms are told to prepare the bag and keep all the essentials in it as their 8th month starts. They never know when the emergency comes.

Not to forget!

Mommies are recommended to start shopping from the 4th or 5th month when you feel energetic enough to roam around safely. The baby stuff like clothes, bathing tools, feeding tools, diapers, comforter, blankets, and toys should be bought before the baby arrives. Just everything and welcome your baby wholeheartedly. Don’t forget to prepare yourself as well to handle the errands. It would be quite annoying, but you have to start thinking about how you will handle the baby and home chores together!