In the situation of pandemics, things are bothering the parents in many ways. There are situations of being undecided about what would be right and what rules and precautions to follow. Well, when it comes to children, parents are already too oppressed for them and their health as they are breathing in the most critical situation. It’s being difficult to recognize whether it is a normal flu or coronavirus, well, with all that going on, your children have to go back to school. But there are some measures that you need to follow to protect your child from this fatal virus. 

Is it Safe to Send Children Back to School during the Corona Virus? 

During Covid-19, the reopening of school is not the right decision. It is unsafe not for children only, but for the staff, teachers, and other random people who visit schools. Going to school in a pandemic is far different from the time when children used to go before all this situation. It is likely to be more difficult for the parents to prepare themselves to send their children to school as they are already so worried about their health. 

All of the evolving authorities and government should take initiatives in creating a safe environment for people stepping out no matter for work, grocery or school, anything, the surroundings, and everyone should be following the SOP’s. The school environment must be safe for the children, and there should be all the possible precautionary adaptations. 

Would it be easy for children to get back to school with all the precautions?

Well, children have already spent almost a year at home, from attending classes at home to playing most of the time outdoors has become their routine. It would be very difficult for them to accept the old routine of waking up early and rush to the school bus before it misses. Many of the children might be praying for the schools to never open, but instead, it is a tough task for the parents to teach their children about all the precautionary measures, if the schools reopened. It is also important for schools to make children aware of SOP’s and give them no chance to defy those precautions. 

What Precautionary Measures should be followed, if the schools open? 

The reopening of schools should comply after observing the overall situation of the country’s health and corona cases of that particular area. The hygienic and protected facilities should be given by the authorities when opening the schools again. The schools should practice the following safety measure;

  • Give overwhelming and socially distant mealtimes.
  • Reduce the school timings and hold the schools into shifts, according to the age group of students. 
  • Make the start and end of the school day overwhelming and protected for the children.
  • Wearing masks and maintaining social distance should be mandatory. 
  • Teachers should practice and teach the students about the basic ethics of sneezing, coughing, and social distancing. 
  • Prohibit shaking hands and sharing things.