During pregnancy, you might be expecting some sort of dizziness that makes you feel like you are about to faint or fall. There is nothing to worry about when you are having feelings of unsteadiness, it is a common symptom of pregnancy that you might experience at any time and any stage. You just need to avoid few things that lead to vertigo.

Dizziness is also known as vertigo in which a woman feels like the room is spinning and she is about to fall. It is important to discuss with the doctor when you have dizziness in any trimester. In some cases, women should take immediate medical help.

Reasons for Vertigo in Pregnancy

Some factors are more likely to cause vertigo during pregnancy, some factors subsidize to dizziness during the first trimester.

  • Due to too much nausea and vomiting which is generally called hyperemesis gravidarum.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • The condition is known as an ectopic pregnancy in which the fertilized eggs inserts itself outside the uterus in the reproductive system.
  • Change in hormones.

Some other factors are more likely to affect during the second trimester.

  • Gestational diabetes.
  • Pressure on the uterus.

The symptoms of dizziness that you have experienced in the first and second trimester might stay throughout the pregnancy. If you notice some odd symptoms of dizziness it is important to immediately connect to your doctor.

Some other symptoms are not specifically connected to the first or second trimester, they can occur anytime in your pregnancy period. These symptoms are anemia and dehydration.

How to Manage Dizziness during Pregnancy

Look for the signs like feeling about to fall to avoid fainting, specifically when you stepped in the first trimester. Slowly stand up and go for help to avoid unsteadiness, try to sit instead of standing for long hours. Few steps could help you control your vertigo or dizziness during pregnancy.

  • There are many benefits of waters, however, when you are feeling dizzy drink plenty of water.
  • Try to take small meals all day. Some of the women found nutrients and protein-rich foods as helpful.
  • If you want to keep your body and heart healthy throughout the pregnancy, exercise safely. Consult with your doctor when you are going for physical activity, or do the exercises suggested by your health provider.
  • Lay on the left side of the body, it improves blood flow to the growing baby and retains the uterus from putting pressure on the liver.
  • Breathe deeply, sit down and bend over or you can lay on one side. Both positions help when you are feeling dizziness.
  • Try to avoid hot baths or showers, as overheating could lead to vertigo.
  • During the third trimester, don’t lay flat on your back.
  • Keep changing the positions, do not stand, sit or lay at one place for extended periods.
  • Avoid stress and anxiety. When you are feeling psychologically disturbed, get support from your close ones and keep practicing the breathing exercise.