Many of us are still confused about emotional triggers and mental health. However, this is the thing to understand both have their different spaces, but both affect the brain in different ways. Emotional triggers are situations that make us feel uncomfortable. These are the spots that make us understand at which stages of life we feel frustrated and unsatisfied. Simply the unpleasant moments that make us ask ourselves “What experiences of a person make me so frustrated?” the question we ask ourselves to make us spot the emotional triggers.

It is difficult to avoid all the situations that bother us, however, the thing we can only do is take the possible measures to listen to our inner voice that help us cope with the uncomfortable situations. Once we get to know about our emotional triggers, we should not expose ourselves to harming mental health. The solution could never be running away from the situations, however, try not to separate yourself from the world, when you get aware of your triggers, limit yourself from the people and avoid them.

Practice Acceptance

The triggers are challenging and upsetting, but they give us lessons of life as well. In these situations, you start to understand the wholeness and your own healing. Flexibility and acceptance are the two instincts that every one of us has. The triggers occur with all of us and they are part of our lives.

Take Deep Breathes 

When you are in a triggering situation, the first thing you can do before reacting towards it takes deep breathes. This interval gives us time to say what needs to be said at that time. Take a step backward and give time to get the ego calm down. If you want to answer someone’s action, you may have some space to think and respond wisely.

Understand the Intentions

Sometimes, in many situations, people are not intended to hurt you. And most of the time the person who is hitting you may not have an idea of the pain you might have. When you are not feeling comfortable about communicating with that person, you are unable to understand the intentions. However, the people who care about us, their compliments are unintentional. So we need to keep ourselves calm and stay neutral.

Find Humor 

When you are in an awkward situation or not feeling comfortable, start to find the humor in those situations. This is the quickest way to cope up with stressful situations.

Never think you are Alone

Thoughts of loneliness are very common in people in these triggering situations. When we think that everyone can easily control their emotions, and we are the victims. But we never know, the triggers are equally getting affected. Triggers lose their strength when they come to know that the people we believe in are also vulnerable in the same way. As we can never understand the problems of other people, the same way triggers are not aware of the troubles we are going through. All we can do is, have patients and handle the situation with positivity in mind.