Winter is all about excitement. The cold winds, styling layers of warm clothes, and lying under the covers is all we crave for. Don’t you think winter is the season of laziness? And yes, there are high chances of weight gain, as you do less exercise, sleep more, and eat more. As days are shorter in winter, we urge for comfort food as we coincide with our energy level. We opt for the easy options and take away as we are not ready to cook.

The ready-made food or junk food sounds unhealthy, as your energy level is already down during winters. All you need to do is, think of the minimal efforts, minimal washing, cleaning, and prepare lighter food that nourishes your table and enhances the winter chills. Here are some simple ideas that decorate your meal of the day.

Roasted Beef along with Pepper and Mushroom Gravy

Roasted beef is always a choice of people, and the old-fashioned roasted beef is simply delicious. For losing baby weight, a roasted beef recipe with pepper and mushroom gravy taste good and a choice for almost all moms.

Broccoli Pasta Shells

Broccoli with basil, pesto flavors, pine nuts, and parmesan takes just 20 minutes. This meal is the best option to nourish your kids as broccoli is the only vegetable that most of the children love to eat. Decorate it more attractively and make the table smells and look appealing.

Pasta with Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is a good meal to serve at dinner and lunch. You can simply prepare it for your family and can freeze it for days. You can add the pasta in the base of tomato soup to have the taste of ‘noodle doodles’ you might be fond of years back. You can make it more aromatic by adding basils and parmesan.

Apple Pie Mug Cake

The recipes of apple pie mug cake you find all over the internet are full of calories and sugar, which is the reason you never try it on. But apple pie mug cake of 180 calories would be a better option to try on in winters. Search more on the internet for the balanced recipe and give it a try.

Beef Burritos

Beef burritos can be your winter partners as they can be made in advance, and you can easily freeze them. An easy meal to handle in weeks when you are running out of time, and healthy food is of course a must. Cayenne better suits your family taste as it brings heat, if not, you can easily leave it out. To save time, you can opt for pre-cooked rice. Put the beef over the rice and serve it with tortillas and be ready to get the compliments.

Sweetcorn Ramen with Chicken

This is a Japanese inspired soup, especially for the kids. Chicken breast with some sweetcorn simply makes your life easy, and your kids would love it. This Japanese dish will turn out the dinner drama into fun and let the children play with the chopsticks with each other!