It commonly occurs in some of the women that alike various symptoms pf pregnancy you might not feel the contraction in the belly. But, few of the women experience back labor, which occurs in the lower back just above the tailbone. When you have back labor, it depicts that your baby is in an occiput posterior position.

This back labor could cause discomforts, but there are no complications for your baby. Well, your doctor could give you relief from extreme back pain. But there are stills few things about back labor that you should know.

What are the Possible Causes of Back Labor?

Usually, when you lay on your back during labor, more probably your baby would be In the downward position on the floor this position is called occiput anterior position, but if your baby is in the upward direction to the ceiling, he is in the occiput posterior position. It has been observed that when a baby is facing the upward direction thereby, the head of the baby is pressed forcefully against the tailbone, which causes more back pain, contrary to those who are in the downward position.

How Does Back Labor Feel Like?

The pain is too extreme, and it is concentrated on the lower back as the baby’s back is pushed hard against the spine or tailbone. The women who had already experienced the back labor reported it is intensely painful, however, there are few of the women who found the back pain not worse than the ordinary labor pain. The viewpoints are contradictory, however, still, the intensity of lower back labor is high.

It has also been depicted that, with each contraction during labor, the intensity of pain begins to worse; few of the women experience the spasm as the indicator of the baby labor. Women reported that it is hard to define the pain, it feels like the lower back or spine is being hit by the sledgehammer, and it feels like the pelvis is bearing down. During the back labor, it makes the moms feel like they are already pushing their baby downward.

How to Get Relieved from Back Labor Symptoms?

During labor, if you feel the signs of back labor pain, women are recommended to change their direction. When women are laying on their back, there are chances of having intensely painful back contractions.

Women are highly suggested to practice the exercises, for example, pelvic tilts, which help reposition the baby. You can do the pelvic tilt exercise by letting yourself down on your knees and hands and then rotate your pelvic by tucking your bottom in and out. This exercise gives maximum space for the baby to rotate. Moreover, it has been found effective for relieving the pressure and slightly pushes the baby out. Usually, women panic when they experience back labor, however, by being mindful you can easily make the process smooth.