Fashion is known to be something that brings changes in our look. It is sometimes hard to pick the pieces that are in trend, timeless, and figure-flattering. But when we come across different choices it becomes easy for us to deal with this daunting task. Women need to follow the golden style rules that make it easy for them to decide which one is best suited for them.

It is something depressing to handle that Monday to Friday morning routine when you stand in front of your closet and just spending most of the time deciding what style would be the perfect one. You might already spend hours on Sundays compartmentalizing your clothes for casual and formal styling, but still, you might be a bit bored with what you are already going with. The steadfast style rules are always the answer to all your worries.

Think for the Body Shape, not trend always!

Rather than thinking of the outfits in and out, it is important to go for the look that works with your body shape and skin. Sometimes you choose the clothing pieces that are fancy but they are not fitting well to your body, well it is essential to make the silhouette look appealing by choosing the body appropriate tones and outfits.

Don’t burry your Clothes!

Well, you must be having some outfits that you are not wearing and locked them because you are not getting any occasion coming your way. Pair the fancy jeans with casual tops and fancy tops with casual jeans, leggings, and skirts to make them work on brunches, lunches, dinners, and even for grocery shopping. Don’t save your outfits for years, create an occasion, and wear them!

Go for the Outfits that Fits you for years

This must be weird for you, but it’s right. Have you bought some clothes that you think will shrink after some time? This is something which is pointing towards wastage of money! Someday the jeans or dress you have purchased will not fit you well, and due to this reason, you must be throwing them away. Buy the clothes that fit your body, make you feel comfortable, and last for years.

Accessorize your Outfit to Transform your Look

If you want to make your overall style channel the trend is to go with the subtle ways to get the good accessories for yourself. A simple example is, transform the look of your mini dress by adding a chunky necklace with it.

If Something Suits you stick with it!

Experimenting sometimes is a bad decision. You might have seen most of the women and men wearing some styles that are the key looks for them. For example, most of you remain more comfortable in jeans or high waist pants, or the blazers, blouse, leggings, and oversized t-shirts are the best decision for you. Well, if you want to build your closet invest in the outfits and styles that suit your body shape, skin tone, and looks.