Building the bond with the woman who understands you is a friendship hurdle you usually come across when you become a mother. After motherhood, it is hard to adjust among people, after some time you realize there must be someone with whom you can share things and troubles you are going through. You need someone to share your daily highs and lows with your kid. But if you are one of the friends in your friend’s circle who have a baby, you might feel isolated among them. Is it acceptable for you not to have a network of people that supports you? All mothers would scream NO!

When you attend the gatherings and find it difficult to make friends you sometimes feel socially isolated and a little hesitant. There are ways you should know to solve and cop up the problems.

Awkward to reach out to Strangers!

When you go to places and gatherings where you find people you don’t know, you may find it awkward to talk with strangers. The best thing you can do is go where you find most of the moms, it is always good to sit among the people you think will understand. It could be vulnerable for you to open to friendship but think, the more you need them, and they also need you.

There is a lot of mommies friends group that are the great source of socialization, so whenever you get free time at night while feeding your child hunt for some groups.

Found some Good Friends, but not agreed with their Parenting

Different opinions mean you will get to learn various new things, but there is always a difference in perception the same happens when you are with some good friends. They are the lifesavers for you as now you can share the mommy’s stuff with them, but you are not agreeing with their parenting.

The best way to come out of this worry is, say nothing to them and just listen, they might follow your advice, but some of their advice is not appropriate for you. It is important to think once that will this connection will stay long or not. Friendship always works fine, let the things go as they are going.

Your new friends might found it hard to mingle with your old ones!

It is the biggest problem that mommies usually experience, as yes people cannot mingle easily in one go. You cannot force anyone for friendships, it takes time. Try to be yourself and let the situation get solidified with your values and identity. When you learn to handle the social tension you will make things work.

Your presence is important here, present yourself as who you are among both the groups and make them involved with you. Keep the hope alive and leave it in situations. When you find it not a big problem, it will become easy for you to learn about new things and perceptions.