It’s obvious that what we eat affects everything in our bodies. Losing a small amount of hair every day is normal but having bad and weak hair is not okay. There is a nonstop series of growing hair and being replaced, and we know the follicles continuously creates new hair from the diet we take daily in the body. There are some proteins, fats, and other minerals that are effective for hair growth and especially for healthy hair. 

ADDITIONALLY, when it comes to perfect healthy hair, we are bombed with many of the hair product which is promising for us to improve the look of the hair. Many of us are so busy taking the product and trying to look good but forget that the right nutrition is one of the most useful things to help us nurture perfect looks. Keeping your diet balanced can help your skin, hair, etc. look amazing. 

Some of the following foods are best for hair growth.


Eggs are not only important but are essential for our body and it also contributes to the health of your hair. They are full of protein such as choline and vitamin D. Some people take out the yolk but all you need to know is the yolk in egg carries more vitamin D. To maintain cellular health there are two carotenoids which we found in eggs and are essential for health especially hair.


The vegetable “spinach” carries a lot of iron and magnesium. It gives benefits to hair health. Green leaves help to maintain the cells of follicles in the hair and protect them. 

Plain Yogurt:

Yogurt is full of protein and is also rich in nutrients. Plain yogurts are unsweetened one which builds some gorgeous looks of your hair. Yogurt offers you nourishment which is beneficial for the growth of your hair. It also helps to clear the dead skin and help your hair growing healthy and perfect.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes carry iron, a good amount of vitamin A, copper, and carotene. This is beneficial for the scalp. Sweet potatoes are also good for blood pressure patients and it contains biotin which helps your hair use the acid which is called protein for the growth. As girls and even boys are using electric material like straighteners, curlers, dryers, electric brushes, crimpers, etc biotin helps to reverse the harm produced by these materials so whenever your hair is dry just pick up some sweet potatoes and munch on. 


Meat is listed in our everyday nutrients. It is full of protein as well and that helps your hair strands in a much better way. It is the most essential food you need for your hair after all your hair is made up of protein. As the red meat is full of iron as well and helps your hair cells to build properly and help to make hair cells full of protein.

These are the most important food which helps you grow healthy hair.