Once you got pregnant, there are a lot of things that they have to face not just the symptoms but also the myths told by the people around them. Now it becomes hard to decide what to do and what to not. These all things confuse a first-time mother to decide what is true and what is false. Well, during this time, you already getting meaningful advice from people that help you throughout the pregnancy face, but along with that, there are things that lead to mishaps. So here are some common myths that you should know, moreover how to deal with them.

Myth#1: You cannot take hot baths, exercise, or even dye your hair when you are pregnant.

This myth is commonly heard by most expecting moms, but the answer is, it is safe to take a hot bath during pregnancy, but make sure it is not too hot. Spa baths are recommended to avoid as they can increase the normal body temperature, which could cause fainting, dehydration, or overheating.

Usually, pregnant women are recommended to do some parental exercises that are safe and contribute to safe pregnancy. But first, it is important to communicate with your doctor to ensure which exercises are best for you. Normally you can exercise for about 20-30 minutes 4 to 5 times a week. The exercises which could cause falls are suggested to avoid.

If the hair dye contains low levels of chemicals, it is considered safe. But, women are recommended to avoid hair dye in the first 12 weeks. If you are planning to have your hair dyed, ensure that you are leaving it on for short time, or usually women are recommended to use semi-permanent vegetable dyes.

Myth#2: Pregnant Women’s Heartburn means their Baby has more Hair.

A study has demonstrated the connection between heartburn and the thickness of your baby’s hair. This is something really common that happens with pregnant women. It could happen, if you have heartburn, your baby might have more hair.

Myth#3: Peanuts and Dairy Products could cause allergies in your baby.

It is truly safe to eat these products until and unless you are allergic to them, or in case your doctor has recommended you not to eat them. There are no exact studies revealed that shows, avoiding these foods could prevent your infant from being allergic. However, if you limit the essential diet, there are chances your baby might not get the prevalent nutrients he requires. There are some foods that doctors suggest to prohibit, just follow the healthy diet schedule your doctor provided you.

Myth#4: Creams can reduce the stretch marks.

People usually say that using creams can reduce stretch marks. However, there are no significant researches that have shown that using creams could help remove the stretch marks, however, they fade away with time.

Myth#5: You can tell if it’s a boy or a girl.

There is a myth that with the position of the baby, how active the baby is, the direction your baby turns, holding a wedding ring on your tummy could tell you if it’s a boy or a girl, well, actually none of these methods work. Only an ultrasound after 10 weeks of pregnancy could reveal the gender of the baby. If you don’t want to know about the gender and want to keep it a surprise, then ask your doctor not to reveal it as it is the most exciting time.

Myth#6: Morning Sickness happens just in the morning.

That’s not true. This could happen any time of the day. Due to the hormonal changes the feeling of nausea/vomiting is normal throughout the pregnancy. It’s common in the morning, however, it gets better after 3 months of pregnancy.