Sexually transmitted diseases are commonly transferred through sexual contact between two individuals. It can easily be spread and very common disease. However, the treatment is possible, and it can only be cured and prevented if people take precautionary measures and consider the facts by which they can prevent their health. It is important for every grown up to be mindful about their sexual health, as it is preventable. 

Every year, around 20 million people are found a victim of this disease in the United States. However, before engaging in sexual activity it is important to consider the limits that are vital to stop the risk of STDs. Here are some common ways by which you can abstain from sexual contact. 

Know your Sexual Partner

As STD is an easily transmitted disease from one person to another by sexual contact, you need to know your partner completely. If your partner is already a carrier of this disease there will be a high risk of STD in you.

Take Vaccines 

If anyone is going through this disease, he/she is recommended to take prompt medical help, as there are many vaccines available that protect you from STDs, hepatitis, AIDS, and HIV. These vaccines are safe and highly recommended by doctors that act perfectly to overcome and prevent the disease.

Proper Use of Protections

During oral sex, it is important to use condoms, made of latex that covers the genitals. These protections are helpful and prevent from coming out and contact directly. When you are using the condoms, check the expiry date, dispose it properly, avoid reuse of condoms, and make sure you are using the protection of the right company, follow the instructions given before using it. The protections are confirmed to prevent diseases and work effectively if they are used properly.


Abstinence is the proper way to avoid the risk of having STDs. This implies all sort of close genital contact. Practicing abstinence properly not includes any type of close genital contact, for example, oral sex, etc, however, the risk of getting STDs is low.

Mutual Monogamy

The term mutual monogamy is agreeing with the partner to be sexually active with only one partner, which means you are agreeing with your partner to be sexually involved with him only. If you are in a long-term relationship with a person who is mutually monogamous and uninfected is the only most reliable way to prevent STDs.

Common Sexual Health Practices 

Usually, doctors give the right guidance and knowledge of common practices that could secure your sexual health. Those practices are;

  • Avoid using the same towels or cloth.
  • Get professional help, if you have alcohol or drug habits.
  • Use of latex condoms.
  • Take vaccination for Hepatitis B.
  • Do not initiate sex if you are not sure or not known about the health condition of your partner.

The risk of Sexually transmitted Disease is increasing rapidly, however, when people are fully stimulated they never understand and consider the precautionary measures which could take them towards great losses. However, before the sexual contact be confirmed about your partner’s health and strictly follow the possible steps.