In this pandemic, the women who are recently pregnant or just delivered a baby and breastfeeding, those women should stay careful about the coronavirus. Practicing personal hygiene is recommended for every single person and so for mothers as well. The protections are important, and following the precautionary measures of COVID-19 is necessary for women.

It is still not identified whether the risk of COVID-19 is high or low on pregnant women or not. But, the possibility of getting other diseases is high during the coronavirus. These illnesses may include respiratory infections, breathing difficulties, seasonal flu, fever, and cough. Moreover, as per the observations, it has been declared that pregnant women have a low to moderate risk of having coronavirus. However, in the pregnancy period, the immune system of women can be exposed to various infections. In severe cases, pregnant women are moved on ventilators.

If you have any minor symptoms, contact your health provider and ask for the initial treatments to avoid the high risks. The women who are exposed to the symptoms are recommended to follow the instructions of their consultant, and they need proper diet and attention. Here are some common endorsements which should be kept in consideration.

Labor Recommendations

The women who are in the stage of delivery and labor and are suggested for the COVID-19 test early to avoid mishaps. If any woman is found with initial coronavirus symptoms is recommended to get isolated, take the proper screening to avoid the neonatal and maternal illness, minimize visits to the hospital, and take proper advice from L&D management of COVID-19. Along with that, they are highly advised to focus on their diet and avoid situations heading towards respiratory issues.

Breast-feeding Guidance

This deadly virus is stressful for every one of us, especially for the women raising their newborn. Mothers who are breastfeeding are concerned about the outbreaks of this pandemic and the health of their neonatal. However, it has been confirmed that breastfeeding is good during the pandemic for both mother and infant.

Breastfeed strengthen the immune system and protects the newborns from viruses. The risk of respiratory issues is low in infants who are breastfeeding. On the other hand, the hormones released from the body during breastfeeding helps the mothers heals quickly, and manage stress and anxiety.

However, during breastfeeding make sure you wash hands as you will hold your baby skin to skin. Keep the pump, artificial nipples, and bottle clean (if you are pumping the feed).

Postpartum Considerations

Postpartum care is important for women who recently gave birth to a child. It is obvious to take health advice from the health care provider and visit for routine checkups. As the situation is already stressful, and the mother is already struggling with postpartum depression, it is important to keep your mental health in check.

Keep following the protections to lessen the risk of COVID-19, and talk to your family members for support. You already going through a loss of appetite, having low energy, mood swings, and sleeping problems. Here you need to control the postpartum trouble to keep yourself protected and your child as well. The postpartum stress can lead to negative thoughts and trouble caring for your newborn, so do routinely exercise and try to be happy and smiling.