Whether it is like someone has recently faced a miscarriage or they were experiencing fertility, there are multiple reasons because of which you should not ask someone if they are pregnant. In short, it’s none of one’s business or concern. When a woman is pregnant everyone even the strangers of the streets becomes concerned about her pregnancy and interested to comment. However, what could be worst, if you make a question and someone is not pregnant?

Commenting on someone’s personal life and personal matter has become a norm for society, they are too apprehensive about what’s going on, give advice even they don’t know about the pregnant body. Now humans have become more complicated than they were ever before. It’s a choice of a happily married couple to have children or not. But, when a woman is pregnant, every head turns towards her to notice the expectation mom and start pointing out.

Here is a better picture of the reasons that tell you why you should not ask a woman if she is expecting or not.

They might have a loss

The rate of miscarriage is 25% in women, it’s like every four women you meet, one of them might have experienced miscarriage, statically mentioning. That specific lady might be trying to get pregnant again for years and your hard words work like salt on a paper cut. You never know, this lady has finally completed and understand that their last session of IVF that they could afford was not successful. Be specific with your questions, as it could hurt somebody’s feelings.

She might want to keep it Secret

Wait for the expecting mom to announce it before you start making assumptions and break the news. Maybe the pregnant women want to keep it a secret as she had previously experienced miscarriages, wants her privacy, or has been going through complex medical decisions. This is not your news to break, if you shout it among the crowd you are placing her in a difficult situation. Let her make the announcement herself.

It might be their body type

Maybe she is experiencing an eating disorder or it’s her body shape from the child. Most of the women could not get back to their normal body shape after pregnancy, it takes time to attain the normal weight. Whatever the reason is, this is there’s a way of living. Your questions might be falling their confidence level. They might have started to eat in public and your comments are disturbing them.

It might be Embarrassing

There might be some chances that the person from which you are questioning might not be pregnant, this would become a throbbing interaction between you two. You might hurt someone’s feelings or she feels embarrassed as she considers you are directing commenting on their body shape and weight. Let’s be straight, you are no one to comment on someone’s body, but if you do it unintentionally, apologize to them and make them feel fine. Never try to defend yourself by defining the reasons for your question or what you thought.