Oily skin and shiny forehead is the common condition in summers and winter as well for those who have oily skin. Oily skin is caused by the excessive production of sebum (oil) from the sebaceous glands. Sebum is essential for our skin, which prevents it from drying. People with oily skin have oiliness all around, but in some people, only one part of the face stays oily and shiny, and it is usually the forehead or nose.

If you find out that your sebaceous glands are hyperactive by touching your forehead or nose, which stays greasy and sticky. If you use foundation, serums, or sunscreen daily, it may roll out all over your forehead, which looks like spots. Once you find out the reasons, you can alleviate the oiliness by bringing some changes to your skincare routines.

Common Causes

The area you are living

You might not even notice, the major cause of oiliness could be the area where you are living. The change in climate, humidity, and heat makes your forehead to become oily. The major oily skin problems occur with the people who live in tropical areas.

Skipping Moisturizer

Your mind might be trigger by the word moisturizer for oily skin. People usually think, moisturize counters with sebum and produce more oil. However, this myth is wrong. Skipping moisturizer causes more oiliness. You already shred some of the natural oil from your skin when you wash your face. Using moisturizer right after washing your face will prevent the sebaceous glands to make more oil to balance the dryness.

Hormones and Genetics

Increased androgen and the fluctuations of hormones are one of the causes of excessive oil production. During ovulation and menstruation, women notice unwanted oil on their face.

Genetics could also be a reason, if both parents have an issue of oily skin, you might be more likely to have oily skin. One area oiler then the rest like nose or forehead runs to ages.

Applying Wrong Skin Care Products

While you are purchasing skincare products for yourself, consider the skin type first. More cream-based skin care products are recommended for normal to dry skin as they drop oil more quickly. In the case of combination skin, the products that control excessive oil production is recommended. Opt for the oil-free or non-comedogenic products while you are making a skincare choice.

Pores Enlargement

Your hormone fluctuation, acne, sun damages, and age could be the major causes of pores enlargement. This problem is common in people with oily skin type, as the excessive production of sebum expanses the pores. Enlarged pores on the forehead is also a cause of excessive oil in that particular area.


It is not possible to change the skin type, however, some essential steps can control the excessive oil production. Changing your skincare routine and adding some topical medications can help prevent excess production. Toners containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide creams are good for acne and aid skin cells as well. Use moisturizers twice a day and right after washing your face. If you got some severe issues, consult with a good dermatologist.