Once the good news strikes to your hearts, the amazing feelings takes you to the sky. All of the focus diverts to the joy-full moments of life and the time of the birth. So, as you step in the beautiful time of your life you starts to enjoy every phase. Despite, this is the hardest time, but the excitement of having a baby in the lap take every worry away. The congratulations coming around everywhere brings a different glow. Being officially a mother is all a girl wait once she gets married.

Spending 40 weeks and more, raising your baby in your abdomen and taking care of your every act is actually what all you need to do. This time-period brings lots of changes in your body and that leads to the postpartum. The period of postpartum starts 6 weeks after giving the birth to the baby. With the emotional and physical changes and experiences your body go through, it takes time to recover and get to the normal. Which is in-terms known as the postpartum healing.

The postpartum transition brings different symptoms which ideally you should know before the birth. The post-delivery check-ups from your doctor make you realize what to avoid and what to follow in order to recover early.

Your doctor, family members, friends as well as the people on the streets give you hundreds of advices about delivery and how to take care of your baby after birth. But fact fully, people pay a little attention about the postpartum healing. According to the research, few new mothers put attention and prepared for the postpartum experience and others survive the period.

Here is the week-by-week guide to recovery process and to overcome the postpartum period rapidly to have the normal body shape.  

Pay Enough Attention to 1st Week of Postpartum

The first week of the postpartum is the toughest to handle, from the adjustment and recovery it is hard to decide how to get normal. As you have just give birth and along that taking care of your baby. Moreover, with the busy schedule you are experiencing the vaginal tearing and other after delivery problems. The discomforts and sleepless nights take you to mood changes that you need to handle as you have a little baby who needs all of your attention and love.

If you have delivered your baby through C-section obviously you have the intense stitches and have to recover from the surgery also. As your body experiences different levels and hormonal changes and at that time it is preparing for the breastfeeding, the organs should move back to the place as soon as it can.


Before you go home, you spend one or two nights (or more depending on the condition) in the hospital. It might be a little terrifying for you to take your baby home with the new responsibilities and no chance of blunders. Things not go as we planned and that normal. You have already read all of the parenting books as you entered child-rearing. But still there are questions that are continuously confusing you, this is normal and happens with everyone.

Taking care of the new born baby is challenging, their needs are so simple but they could be confusing in the beginning. Taking them to sleep, feeding them, bathing, changing diaper and managing the schedule could be harder than it hums. At that time, just be patient and flexible. Don’t get panic and relax. Set a routine of your baby as per your flexibility, believe in yourself and don’t get stress over little things.


Many people have already inform you that breastfeeding is quite difficult which leads to leaving the new moms in tears. Well, nursing is initially challenging, and the woes are common among women. Most of the times they last for few days. Breastfeeding is painful and frustrating, but despite you cannot discourage it. There are some nursing advices to follow, take a good nursing pillow, or the ointment for nipples brings lots of easiness and difference in your life.

Take advices from your lactation or consultant. Or you can take suggestions from the other breastfeeding moms. On a regular routine, take bath, drink more water, sleep well and keep nourishing your body and your baby as well.

Uterine Pain

After you give birth to your baby, your uterine gain 2.5 pounds of weight. The uterine cramps are really painful, but these pains occurs for the good purpose. The pains reduces the uterine size to normal by 6 weeks postpartum, they reduces by 6 ounce.

You will observe that your pains are getting worse at the time of breastfeeding, which is due to the release of oxytocin which supports the contraction of the uterine.

Breast Changes

In the initial stages of postpartum, your breast will get filled with the milk. Along with the changes women experience the discomfort in both the cases, engorgement and extra milk coming in.

It is important to take out the extra milt through massage or pumping. Another way to get relieve is place the cabbage leaves in the bra which for sure decreases the discomfort and engorgement.

C-section Recovery

C-section is the severe abdominal surgery, which should not be ignored. Try to take much rest, though it is challenging with the new born. After the surgery, follow the wound care instruction give to you by your doctor. Clean the incision and avoid putting pressure on the stitches. When the epidural come to an end and you get conscious, you will experience extreme shivering and pains, the medication would help here. Routinely take your medicines, and take scheduled visits.

Weight Loss

It is totally normal to gain after you give birth to your baby. The uterus takes time to get the normal size, moreover your skin has stretched as well. After birth you have already lose weight around 10 to 15 pounds, which includes the weight of your baby, placenta and amniotic fluid. But still you look double which is normal and you should not get worried about it. Over the next coming weeks, you will lose the extra fluid of your body, and the shedding process would be slow and takes time. The postpartum weight loss is based on the healthy routine and diet as well as the breastfeeding also help to lose the extra Kgs.