According to doctors, 39 weeks of pregnancy are good for your baby to be fully developed with complete health. But unfortunately, some women undergo premature delivery which is complicated for the mother and the baby both. 

When we talk about the third trimester of pregnancy we are basically talking about the period of week 29 to week 40, Voila! The last three month that is seven, eight and nine of pregnancy till the day you give birth. Some women reach week 42 of their pregnancy, it’s called overdue pregnancy in which artificial labor is forced to deliver the baby 

The baby is now a full-grown human being in your womb with the ability to open its eyes, to kick harder than before. The baby will be 19 to 22 inches long in size and weigh about 6 to 9 pounds. The organs are fully developed at the end of 38 weeks of pregnancy which include the heart, brain, lungs. The more the weight of your baby, the more the size of your belly.

Among the first, second and third trimester, most women label the first one as the difficult one because of the changes they go through that shifts their life upside down. 

At the end of the second trimester, you can easily get to know the gender of your baby so the third trimester is basically all about preparations, preparations and preparations!!! 

Gender Reveal is now a Thing 

Gender reveal has now become a common pre-pregnancy celebration in most families around the globe along with the baby shower. If it’s a boy the theme is always blue and for a girl, it’s always pink. And then comes shopping, according to the theme 😉 

Collect all Baby Gears 

Now is the time to do some shopping for furniture for your baby and all the other baby stuff and essentials for your baby. Maintain everything beforehand because you might not want to indulge in this activity after giving birth to your baby. Life would be a lot busier! 

Keep a Track on your Baby’s Movement 

The day your baby starts kicking inside your womb, it always gives you chills of the miracle. Now is the time to record that, when the third trimester begins its important to note daily kicks in order to interpret the baby’s health. You might not want to lose the track because it could result in severe damage. 

Make Selection of a Suitable Hospital and Pediatrician 

After the most difficult months of your pregnancy, now is the time to do some planning for the most-awaited yet tough day of your life. All those months women deal with lots of changes without a single complain. But the time of delivery seems unbearable so to keep that pain in comfort, you must visit the place you’re going to give birth at. Take a tour if needed and find the best suitable health care centre for you and your baby-to-be. 

Also, get in touch with the future pediatrician for your child as it would be necessary to keep your baby’s health track.

Third Trimester Check-ups and Diet Plan 

Regular check-ups with your doctor are always important in any stage of pregnancy but it becomes crucial in the third phase because of the uncertain situations sometimes, to see if there are any complications as the delivery date is near. Your doctor would also like to make sure if everything is going as expected. 

Take Decisions Prior to the Birth 

A decision like whether to feed your baby from the breast or use the formula is crucial for you and your baby’s health. Do research about it and if needed ask your doctor for advice. 

A decision like whether to leave or keep your job if you already are working. Some workplaces are good enough to give their employees 3 months of leave so if that’s the scenario, there wouldn’t be any need to leave your current job. 

Travel Plans should be postponed 

Planning to travel during your full days is not just dangerous but can cause serious damage to your pregnancy. Safe approach to keep your pregnancy successful is to avoid travelling by air especially. The first reason is, constant sitting can cause low blood circulation that can cause complications. The second reason is, labor can appear anytime, and anywhere so long travel are 

Prohibited during the last days of your third trimester neither these airlines will take you aboard during these days. 

It’s for the best to avoid prolonged trips, be it in car or plane. But if it is urgent then must move around for a while every once in a while. 

The third reason that discourages travelling is the exposure to infections that are present almost everywhere and even in the air outside. To keep your baby safe, you must avoid such exposures. 

Stress could be Dangerous 

This is the high time when you should figure out things and take stress-management lessons if you are prone to stress. Stress could lead you to unfortunate premature delivery and you definitely don’t want that to happen. So even if it is about labor stress, keep it easy. Everything will be just fine! 

Sleeping should be the Priority 

In the third trimester, the routine should be normalized and sleeping hours should be extended to 8 hours at night because of the tiredness and restless days. The position while sleeping must also be considered important here as sleeping straight would harm the baby so sleeping on the 

Right side is preferable and there are also accessories to assist you with that, for example, the pregnancy pillow. 

Pack your Hospital Luggage 😉 At the end of the third trimester, it’s always thoughtful to pack the bag with essentials like pillow, medicines, comfortable clothes etc.