In pregnancy, miscarriages have become a frequent problem. Studies have shown that 12 to 15% of pregnancies end with a miscarriage, most of the time during early pregnancy. Well, when the grief starts to disappear, there are chances to plan again. Hope never ends!

For females, it is a stressful period, losing the baby, hopes and excitements lead the mommies to depression and bring about many physical and mental health problems. During the mourning period, the family members especially the partner need to support and understand. Leaving the women alone sometimes make them take serious steps.

Why do Miscarriages happen?

Miscarriage usually occurs in the 20 or 24th week, it is known as spontaneous abortion in medical terms. The whole process involves removing the fetus from the uterus. The reasons are different in all women, however, it has been observed that normally the chromosomal abnormalities or genetics lead to miscarriage.

Apart from this, most of the time it occurs due to uncontrolled diabetes, hormonal levels, uterine problems, smoking, and exposure to toxins, alcohol or drug abuse, and medication leads to miscarriage.

Healing from Miscarriage Physically

After a miscarriage the body takes some time to heal, usually, the women’s body takes around two to four weeks to ovulate again. Here are some ways you can control your health issues.

  • Take the medicines properly as recommended by your doctor, it helps you get relief from the pain.
  • Maintain complete sanitation by using cotton sanitary pads during the bleeding after miscarriage. Make sure you change them every 4 to 6 hours.
  • Take a proper healthy diet. After a miscarriage, the body weakens and needs to refuel and rebuild. Take healthy fats, proteins, fruits and vegetables, and carbohydrates, essential minerals, and calcium in your daily meal.
  • Keep yourself hydrated, as your body needs water to recover.
  • You might have mild or high temperature after a miscarriage, keep monitoring your temperature.
  • Take proper rest as much as you can.
  • In the first two weeks, try to avoid sex, let your body heal first.

Ways to Cure Mental Health

Miscarriage brings a lot of emotional instability and psychological changes, it is up to you how you handle it. Here you will find the easy ways.

  • Do not blame yourself for what else has happened to you. Avoid guilt and anger, or the best thing is talking to your partner.
  • Keep in mind that your hormones are already imbalanced, and it requires some time to normalize. Don’t think much about the physical pain. Stay away from stress as much as you can.
  • When you feel somehow physically stable, try exercise. It would release the happy hormones endorphins that help you control stress.
  • Talk with the people who are close to you. Take out the feelings that are not coming out and buried inside. Have a conversation with your doctor, friends, partner, or family.
  • Take yourself out of the worries and without being stressed, find out the reasons that brought about miscarriage. But do not lead the questions to depress you.