Whether to accept it or not, but mommies can get sick as well. Especially, the breastfeeding moms get worried about being sick, there is nothing about fun at all, well, it is a bad time. When mothers are sick, children get disturbed, and it becomes hard for them to accept their caregivers are not fine enough to perform their duties that way.

Well, not all medical conditions need to get managed by antibiotics, the use of antibiotics is only in the case when there is some severity. Antibiotics are used in case of sinus or ear infection, mastitis or some dental procedure, or other medical conditions. If a nursing woman is suggested some antibiotics, she may have concerned with the doctor about all the safety measures.

But still, breastfeeding women usually get worried, what if the medicine mixed with the breast milk? Those medicines are safe for the baby or not? If the prescribed medicine is not safe, what would be the safety substitutes? These all questions left women with a lot of stress, and sometimes it becomes un-understandable. Here are some of the answers to your questions.

What would be the Possible Effects of Antibiotics while Breastfeeding?

Apart from being informed about the possible side effects of antibiotics on the baby’s well-being, there might be some concerns regarding the moms. The purpose of antibiotics is to kill the bacteria that could harm you and keep the bacteria good that keep you healthy. There might be some uncomfortable situations for both baby and mom.


The baby or you may develop thrush, a fungal infection caused by a fungal yeast known as Candida albicans. This happens because antibiotics are responsible for decreasing the number of good bacteria in the body that keep the microorganisms in check.

It causes some uncomfortable symptoms for both mother and baby. Babies might go through diaper rash, upset stomach, and white coating in the mouth and tongue. Mothers usually experience pain in the nipples.

Fussiness and Upset Stomach in Babies

It has been reported by mothers that their babies experience an upset stomach when they use antibiotics. However, this is not a long term effect. Moreover, breastfeeding is good for the health of your baby’s gut. Thereby, women are recommended not to stop breastfeeding.

Is It Normal to Take Antibiotics with Breastfeeding?

Most doctors said that antibiotics are safe for breastfeeding mothers and their babies. According to the Academy of American Pediatrics, antibiotics are the most commonly recommended medicine to mothers, which are passed in the breastmilk in some amount.

It is important to consider how antibiotics work when you are breastfeeding. Some of the medicines are present in the bloodstream, however, the amount of drug in the blood is lower in the breast milk. So there is no risk in infants. It is important to be cleared about the safety measures and possible alternatives that tend no side effects.

What to do if you have to take the medicine which isn’t safe for Breastfeeding?

This is the common question that boils down in every mom’s mind. Well, if there are some medicines that you need to take that are not safe for your baby, don’t worry or become stressed.

If you are recommended to take some antibiotics that are good for your health and contraindicated for breastfeeding, you should not feel remorseful about it. There is nothing more important than your health, and your baby wants you. While you are on antibiotics that are not good for the health of your baby feed your little one in alternate ways. Continue breastfeeding when your body gets clear from those medicines.