Well, entering the mommies club is not that easy for the women. It’s like now you have double responsibilities, and you have a shorter time to complete all of the chores. There are hustles of things that are new to you. Taking care of the child, feeding them, taking care of yourself as you are just gone through the delivery process, and you have your husband and other house chores to look at. Now, the prolonged stay of your mother has ended, and there is no other way to handle things with someone’s help, you are all alone and have to look after everything. 

You are handling all this for the first time of course, and this brings you in the stress as you are already in your recovery process, which is the postpartum period that took around 6 months to completely disappear. This stress is sometimes manageable and sometimes difficult to handle as you don’t know how to give yourself relief, and of course, you have no choice you are helpless!

Postpartum depression directly affects the relationship, and it becomes difficult to understand your situation. The symptoms are not just somatic when worsen and remain undiagnosed the symptoms seem to be severe. This stress is common in women after giving birth to the child however, during the initial stages, you can handle it yourself. But, all you need is support! 

The actual reason for postpartum depression is due to the rise of hormones that are related to psychological stress. But in many women, it is said to be the most severe psychological stress that sometimes affects parenting also. 

Women are the strongest creature, from carrying the baby in the womb to delivering and nurturing; they do not need any sort of in-depth guidance as they learn on their own and know how to handle all of the things altogether. In the beginning, it is quite difficult and leads to depression, but at that time the support of their partner and family is everything for them. 

Taking out a woman from the stress period successfully is not just in her hands, but there are some responsibilities of the people living with them and in the surroundings. Most doctors recommend those women to talk with someone too close to them, communicating and discussing the things that are bothering them will solve most of their dilemmas.

Well, women are recommended, if there is no one living with you at home and you are just with your husband, spend some quality hours with your close friends. Talk therapy is the best rehabilitation process that gives peace of mind instantly.  These days’ women are interacting through social media, there are certain groups of new mommies where they share their daily happenings, join the conversation, post the problems and see how many random people will help you cope up! But remember, don’t spend most of the time on social media as you have a baby and a big to-do-list. The quality 1-2 hours are best to relax when your baby is sleeping!