Calcium is a type of mineral that is required by our muscles, bones, teeth, and nerves. The cells in our body also need calcium to work normally. Our body cannot make calcium itself, however, it gets calcium from the meals and the supplements we take daily. We probably know that calcium is important for our body, but we are not known the amount we should take.

The deficiency of calcium weakens the bones, and in severe cases, it leads to osteoporosis. It has been recommended to every individual to take the foods that contain rich calcium content to fulfill the natural requirement of our body. Calcium is considered as the life key for the bones that prevents various bone problems.

Benefits of Calcium 

Almost every cell in our body needs a good amount of calcium to perform normally, majorly heart, nervous system, and muscles. Significantly, calcium maintains the health of bones and teeth that leads them to grow strong with age. Bones contain 99.5% calcium, some people fulfill the need of the body by taking calcium-rich foods. Calcium protects the bones from bone cancer and the weakening of muscles that creates problems as a person grows up.

Foods Carrying Calcium

Daily, an individual should take the foods containing the content of calcium, which is far better than taking supplements. Some of the high-calcium foods are;

  • Salmon
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Ice cream
  • Tofu
  • Sardines

Calcium Deficiency and Osteoporosis 

The loss of bone mass is associated with the silent disease known as osteoporosis. People with this disease have the problem of weakened bones. The chances of fractures are high in those people. They are more likely to have serious health risks. Once a person falls into the problem, it becomes very rare to cope up or recover. Osteoporosis is considered to be the second most common cause of women’s death, most probably in women under the age of 60 years and above. However, on the other hand, the man also has the risk of having osteoporosis. The intake of a high amount of calcium in the diet can prevent the chances of osteoporosis and it is the first phase to start with.

Calcium Supplements 

Calcium supplements are mainly prescribed if the normal amount of calcium is not contented by diet. 1000 milligrams of calcium are recommended to take for every individual, however, if your body is not getting the required quantity, many doctors prescribe high doses of vitamin D and calcium. These supplements and nutrients could not recover the bones to normal, however, it plays a key role in maintaining and building bones. Many doctors consider the supplements as the cause of kidney stones, constipation, kidney damage, and other health issues if a person is taking high amounts of calcium daily.