The day that comes right after Christmas and New Year. Valentine’s Day is not just associated with couples. This is the day to express and spread love, and there is nothing wrong if we say, let’s celebrate it with your kids? Well, moms are usually excited to make memorable moments with their kids, and holidays are the best opportunity to express love and have some memorable activities.

It is quite weird for parents to imagine Valentine’s Day with kids. Believe me or not, it is filled with fun and excitement. When people are hunting for the best price right after the big event of New Yea, it is the hype of Valentine’s Day that started and reaches the markets. There is a trend of stuffed bears, chocolate and candy boxes, and Valentine’s Day cards. Well, 14 February is considered as a low-key occasion, which is acknowledged by loved ones, and the merchandise is connected to them. 

Usually, people feel pressure in facing their partner, which could be the reason for disappointments or some sort of anger that stops them from celebrity those big occasion. But the idea of involving kids and showing them that parents can keep this event pure and simple is far appealing. Love cannot be expressed just by emptying the wallets and spending bucks, but it would be perfect if you all have fun activities together to make memories.

Learn the Poem of Kindness Together

When parents are reciting any sort of poem with their kids, they are enhancing the phonological awareness and vocabularies. Some poems are good to learn with kids, which could be dramatic, have some gestures, and easy to remember. Poems like; you can put it in a letter, show some now and then, you can show it with good wishes and more.

Explain your Love to your Family

The best way to appreciate and strengthen the reading-writing connection is to ask the children to write down why they love the people in the house. This meaningful activity, which could be celebrated before the day of Valentine’s Day increases the morale of children when read out aloud among family members.

Make Homemade Cards

The cute little cards made by the children are adored. Parents are fussy and might found no time to make those cards. Why not try making cards with kids? Well, all you need to do is, visit the nearest store, stock up the essential materials and take them out 3 to 4 days before Valentine’s Day. Give the supplies to your kids and ample time to create cards whenever they feel free. Parents can also make cards for kids by writing down a specific note and name each card.

Make Art with Hearts

Well, children create teacher-directed arts and crafts at school and love to practice at home. Making the hearts with colored paper or whatever children want to express their love for parents by imagination would be a good idea. This activity for parents and children is the best Valentine’s Day project to do at home.