Parents are always worried about the attention span of their children. When you are asking your kids to focus, it is important to think about how constructive and creative you are being in improving the attention span. As per the child development expert, children in the age of 4 to 5 years could focus on a particular task for two to five minutes. However, young kids could focus on an average of four to twenty minutes.

Moreover, the attention span should be in a particular context. Usually, we observed that there is a variation in the attention span of children. Typically in the middle of the day, night time, or before bedtime, in short, it depends on the situation. We can also say that the attention span is elastic. Well, there is no denying the fact that parents are always struggling to strengthen the concentration of their children. Here are some tips that you can try out to increase the attention span of your kids.

Make Tasks in Clusters

When children find a task very typical, they usually skip and pay no attention. If you want them to complete the task on hand, explain it in steps creatively. This is way better than giving long explanations and yelling at kids when they are not done with the projects.

Do More Exercise

The more your kids are moving, the more they can stay active and pay attention. It has been suggested that, if elementary-school children take short breaks could focus on their assignments more attentively. Give your kids outdoor toys such as jumping ropes and balls, or parents can play the favorite outdoor sports of their children. Simple family activities are recommended to plan if you want your kids to be more attentive.

Get Attention by Giving Them Attention

If you want your children to give you attention, it is important for the parents to give kids attention. Usually, the attention of parents is scattered, and if the parent’s attention is scattered, they cannot expect attention from kids. The best way to be attentive is to remain physically present while you are giving the kids directions.

Add Some Flavor in Mundane Tasks

There are some tasks in which children pay no interest and struggle to focus. Usually, children found routine tasks boring when such as homework when they start school. By just adding some creativity you can help your children enjoy that boring activity. Make things more engaging, and try to involve yourself with your kids.

Always Praise the Efforts of your Children

Praising the outcomes is a common practice among people. Saying a great job or nice effort boosts the confidence and self-esteem of a person. Similarly, when you praise the efforts of children b saying wonderful, keep it up, or it’s pretty right you can instantly boost the confidence level and moral and make them try more new things. Appreciation always works like wonders, so never disappoint children by saying anything bad to them.