All this going on in this world has taken the people to a state of depression. The global outbreak coronavirus is affecting the majority of the people which spreads very rapidly from people to people. It took a long process of recovery in which the infected person has to isolate himself. There are short-term and long-term symptoms of this fatal disease, however, to prohibit its transmission World Health Organization (WHO) advised the people to maintain a social distance of at least 4 feet, sanitize their hands before touching mouth and nose, and wear masks. 

Well, these all things are stressing the people for a long time. When the pandemic starts, all of the limitations in the initial months were acceptable, but as it takes too much time, almost a year has passed, these lockdowns and restrictions are affecting people’s mental health. 

Many people are suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression. The people who already have mental health problems are responding more strongly these days. Moreover, the people who can become a dupe are;

  • Children and teens
  • People already having mental health problems
  • Older people are at risk of having Covid-19 and other diseases. 
  • People working at the frontline with doctors and first responders.

What you can do to Control Mental Health Issues?

There are a few steps that you can follow to control the existing or exposed to mental health problems in this pandemic. 

Take breaks from Work

Keep yourself relax throughout the day by taking breaks, even if you are working from home. Try to stay online, it doesn’t mean to skip the work, complete your tasks in the evening. Take out time to stretch your body, have deep breaths, and keep your mind relaxed. 

Lessen Social Media and News

The news cycle goes for 24 hours on television and social media. More screen time means more stress, fear, and anxiety. Watching the updates most of the time will make you feel more depressed, reduce social media and news. Instead, watch something that helps manage your emotions and make you feel relaxed. 

Don’t forget about your Physical Health

In this difficult time, you should not neglect your physical health. Do some exercise daily at home, or keep moving your body. During a pandemic, you cannot take the risk of going to the gym, google some of the exercise tips to do at home. Along with exercise, eat healthily and take good and relaxed sleeping hours. 

Stay Connected

Even if you don’t like socializing and a big introvert, connection with your loved ones will keep you relaxed and boost your mental health positively. Have long chats with your close friends, family members, and relatives and enjoy the chitchat. 

Take Professional Consultation

If you think your feelings are worsening and you are not feeling relaxed for weeks, rush to a good doctor for professional consultation. A good therapist will diagnose your mental health condition and recommend the needed medical support. Continue the treatment before the symptoms get severe.