Stretch marks are basically the inner layer of your skin when it expands and tears off leaving the inner skin behind to fill the gap. Almost every mother is likely to have stretch marks during pregnancy and that’s because of weight gain and skin expansion, the tummy increases every month as per the size of your baby in your womb. The other areas of the body like buttocks, breasts, thighs get affected with weight gain as a part of this process that can leave impressions even after the weight is regained in the form of stretch marks. It’s not easy to get rid of them. Most women fear this change when they get pregnant and try to stay fit even during pregnancy whereas some women lose track of their fitness and get consumed by all this pregnancy related issues.

Stretch marks are not easily treated and can take a lot of time and patience to wipe off from your body. You are likely to reduce weight and other problems post pregnancy by just breastfeeding your infant. However, one cannot easily get rid of stretch marks. The patient ways to get it of it are listed below and if you follow them with keenness, you will definitely get rid of it sooner or later

Treating Stretch Marks Tip 1

Massage is the key

The areas where stretch marks appear tend to become sensitive because these are the areas where the thicker part of skin has left its place. Like you massage your baby with oil gently with care, you might need to massage your body too. Oil or any massage cream could be used for it, all you need to do is massage the areas where stretch marks have appeared leaving your body soggy. A tight massage in an upward position can increase the blood flow and heal the areas where stretch marks are, making your skin look fit again. You can also watch random tutorials about this exercise. No perfection needed, just go with the flow!

Treating Stretch Marks Tip 2

Keep your stretch marks moisturized

As explained earlier that massage is a slow but an ultimate solution, it can also be done with the help of moisturizer especially cocoa butter and shea butter. These products are easily available in the cosmetic care section in any supermarket. There are also many other moisturizers specially made to treat these scars. 

Treating Stretch Marks Tip 3

Work-out is a must

Keep moving, even if your baby keeps you busy all the time. You need to spare some time for your personal care. Take out at least 30 minutes to work-out the scars on your body, these stretch marks are all natural but a big NO! As soon as you get rid of it, you’ll be even more blissful.

Treating Stretch Marks Tip 4

Drink lots of water

As much as it’s important to keep your baby hydrated, it’s no less important for you. The soreness of muscle inside your body needs lots of water to rejuvenate. The scars are already very dry and if water is not taken properly, it could get worse just like it does to your normal days skin. Drink like crazy!

Treating Stretch Marks Tip 5

Home Remedies – A cheaper way

You don’t have to worry about the expensive moisturizer because we have got your back. There are a ton of remedies that are very helpful plus cheap. 

Just like a scrub, sugar can be mixed with honey and rubbed against those scars to give them a softer look.

Aloe Vera is a natural cure for such scars, as it contains healing components that softens your skin and makes it look better. Apply aloe vera plant directly to those areas regularly and feel the difference.

Lemon is known for its bleaching properties, it is used to lighten up the skin and evens the skin tone. Stretch marks often create discoloration around those areas, treating them with fresh lemon juice will be a good cure.

Treating Stretch Marks Tip 6

Essential Oils to make your skin feel better

These oils are tea tree oil and jojoba oil, normally used to treat acne prone skin, have many good effects on stretch marks as well. Mixing these essential oils with regular oils like olive, coconut oil would increase the chance of your stretch marks getting better. Vitamin A is also used to cure stretch marks.

Treating Stretch Marks Tip 7

Mediate as much as you like

Feeling of relaxation can release hormones that are beneficial to treat scars and as it is said, when you’re happy that glow is different. You can do your regular yoga with deep breaths in a comfortable position to naturally generate those hormones. Do anything you like, and remember to take a break!

Treating Stretch Marks Tip 8

Eat enough Vitamin C 

Increase the intake of vitamin C as it prevents skin from getting soggy like wrinkles and fine lines. Just like that, it is also used to treat stretch marks. Vitamin C is found in many fruits and vegetables like oranges, tomatoes, blackberries etc. Taking such fruits and vegetables in excess quantity in your diet will lessen the stretch marks and by the time make them disappear. 

Treating Stretch Marks Tip 9

Some Artificial Ways

Impatient about getting your skin fixed? There are few ways that are common but most women don’t prefer them because natural cure is side-effects proof and opting for artificial ways could lead to problems in future. These few ways are laser treatments and surgery that are costly as well as doubtful. You must select one reliable clinic for such treatments for infection free recovery.

No matter which method you want to opt. to cure stretch marks, always remember that patience is the key. Own your imperfectly perfect body because stretch marks will eventually get lightened as time passes and will leave your skin if taken proper care, letting you feel yourself again!