2020 is the worst year for all of us, as the COVID-19 has hit the world, normal life has to get disturbed. We are living around social distancing, limitations, and lockdowns. It’s being a year we are combating the universal disease. However, the end of the year is associated with festivities. From October till December we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the bash of New Year. Many of the people have celebrated Halloween indoors following social distancing and possible restrictions. But the two big events are still there.

In this duration, saying no to the holiday is considered to be normal as people are aware of the current situation, and people are accepting the apologies. But still, your best friends are not giving you chance to withdraw. As it will not be easy for you to say yes, and you might be thinking of the outbreak of the cases, on the other hand. Moreover, your mind will be thinking of the possible SOP’s they would be following that give you a safe side. But if you are not ready to attend the party, here are the simple ways to say no, which won’t hurt anybody.

Say a Genuine NO, if you want to!

Declining an invitation from an old and dearest friend is a really hard decision to take. Well, if you are healthy you will have plans with them after the pandemic. When you get a call from your friend and hang up, your mind triggers some possible questions. If you are conscious and concern about the attendees and thinking whether they are masking and following social distancing or not. In these situations, you are thinking to go with a NO. You can say,

  • I am sorry I won’t be able to attend the party, due to health reasons we are declining big events.
  • I heartedly apologize, will meet you some other day.
  • I won’t be able to join the party but will have fun together the next year.

Give Counter Suggestions for Hangout

If you are not feeling comfortable attending a party where you know so many people are also invited. When you have finally decided to say no, do not hurt your friend by your absence, although please him/her by having a personal small meet up. You can excuse by giving any reason that is suitable in that situation and suggest hangout at lunch or dinner.

Be Sweet and Positive

When you are declining an invitation you should stay positive, make sure the person on the other side didn’t feel embarrassed. Give the genuine reason and show you want to come, but due to such an emergency or something else, you are unable to join. Mention that you will miss the get-together. To show your sweetness and positivity add emojis.

Convince the Host 

Try to go with a concise conversation and convince with the reason you are giving. Keep the tone light and be honest. Hang up as soon as you can by interrupting with an excuse, like I am cooking food and it’s about to burn. Give a counter date or time by saying, meet you soon. If you linger in the conversation you have to give more reasons.