Raising a kid is no piece of cake! Their ever changing needs could get hard to interpret sometimes, their ever changing cravings that could get hard to fulfill sometimes, above all these changes comes sudden change in their condition and one of the reasons could be an upset stomach.

Once you become a mother, you get to notice that kids are very sensitive with regards to their internal functioning and are prone to infections and diseases, anything that they eat if not given with proper care could affect them and cause stomach pain and indigestion, kids are more likely to get constipation, gas problems, diarrhea, and other stomach related problems. When your baby’s stomach is upset, handling them could get a bit more difficult than usual. So it’s better to know when to be alert of such types of situations.

The preference should be home remedies, because infants are more likely to get stomach pain every now and then so visiting a doctor for such minor issues could be hectic plus cost you a lot. Natural remedies done at home would save the cost as well as prevent your little one from unnecessary medications that could harm the underdeveloped system. Let’s have a run-down about what to do when you witness change in your baby’s crying pattern, stool and reflux:

Natural Remedy 1

Water is the ultimate solution

Always keep your child hydrated, even when they don’t have any ache or upset stomach. Water is the best medicine for all, and when we talk about kids the benefits get doubled. Try to schedule your baby’s water intake and maintain bottles filled with water for them to drink continuously throughout the day. You can even bring them a cartoon bottle of their favorite one that would appeal to them to drink water with excitement. Constipation and several digestion problems are prevented by just water.

Natural Remedy 2

Foods that are good for baby’s stomach

Be cautious about what to offer you little one at what age! Bananas have properties that give relief from constipation and other fruits with fiber in them could heal the upset stomach of your kid. Increase the intake of such fruits, especially bananas. Toddlers have very few choices of fruits and other food items, so it’s also necessary to give it a check before applying any remedy that relates to fruits. Also you must need to change their usual course of food and convert it to blended one, whatever you give them blend it, be it rice or pasta.

Natural Remedy 3

Yogurt will come to the rescue

Yogurt comes with many solutions for the stomach of babies. Prebiotics in yogurt like lactobacillus bacteria helps babies to break down proteins and makes digestion smooth for them. Even when your kid is having diarrhea, feeding them with yogurt would increase their chance of getting better. Not only is it good for an upset stomach, it is used for many other purposes as well, regular intake of yogurt can treat babies with insomnia and the antibodies present in yogurt also boost immunity.

Natural Remedy 4

Relaxing massages for your baby’s tummy

Gently rubbing mustard oil against your baby’s tummy will help ease the pain and relax their stomach muscles and the stiffness which can make stool soft that can pass easily. Massage is a good way to keep your baby diverted from the pain and can release tension from your toddler’s mind. 

Natural Remedy 5

Never forget to burp your baby after feeding

It is clinically proven that newborns when fed milk take time to digest it so it is advised to burp them every time. Otherwise they can have digestion problems and throw the milk out as well.

Natural Remedy 6

Cycle your baby – A gentle press

Try cycling exercise with your baby in a lying position. When legs will be pressed against your baby’s abdomen, this will help release the gas and help your baby recover. Another remedy like this would be rocking your baby and gently pressing the back to release the gas.