Minor cuts and scrapes might be the most frequent injury for each of us. For children, it’s like a normal routine because they go out and play and most of the time get themselves injured. No need to get worried about these small cuts, they eventually vanish by the time. The healing is a natural process but sometimes it can take longer than usual. But being careful could add into faster healing. We don’t care about small cuts and leave them on their own, but if taken proper care, one could save himself/herself from serious complications.

One might want to be extra careful in order to get rid of these scars quickly. The steps are as follows;

Wash-Off your Wound

First things first, always remember to wash the area where your wound is because the dirt and other particles that stay on the wound makes the healing process go slow and weak. At first, what you must do is flush off the dirt by washing it with the help of soap and water in order to make it clean.

Cover your Wound

By covering your cut or scrape you are basically saving it from irritation and getting bad. Keep it covered with a bandage or healing plast after applying the healing cream or ointment for speedy recovery. Uncovered wound has a higher risk of getting infections, whereas a covered wound is more likely to heal faster without getting infected. Coverage from the sun is also necessary so if you have no bandage, apply sun-screen to protect it from UV rays.

Keep the Area Moisturized

For better and itch-free healing, it is advised to keep the cut or scrape moisturized. If the wound will be kept moist that will eliminate any chance of dryness. Dryness could slow down the healing process, whereas keeping your wound moist could speed the recovery. 

Take Proper Care of your Scab

When the protective skin develops on your wound which is normally called scab. You should never pick those scabs because that skin is basically for better healing and it gets pulled off itself after healing the skin. Forcefully picking the scab can leave marks on your skin which can stay forever. It is advised to wait for the scab to heal the area slowly and steadily.

Gentle Massage on your Cut

Once your cut/scrape is dried out and is not fresh anymore, what you should do is massage gently on it, this could make the scab and marks go away sooner. For massage, it is better to use moisturizer that contains aloe extract and healing vitamins. Warm compress is also advised to keep your wound from drying out and healing faster than usual.