Physical activities are important for kids to stay active and healthy. Anything that keeps kids moving is beneficial for them. Along with a healthy diet plan, parents should consult with the pediatricians to take a good plan for exercise age by age. Routinely exercise provide so many benefits to the children, physical and mental. It is the responsibility of parents to make a habit of exercise. The involvement of parents and having an ‘Exercise Play’ will make it fun for the children to enjoy physical activity daily.

Daily exercise helps children improve cardiovascular fitness, good for joints and bones, brings more energy, improves concentration and focus, improves flexibility, and gives strength to muscles. From the age of 6 to 17, children need to exercise for about 60 minutes a day. Well, exercise should not be so complex and tiring. Easy exercises have substantial benefits. Try to make exercise much simpler and fun that motivate the children to leave the couch and have some fun with you. Yes, you will have quality time also, so here is some simple exercise for each day.

Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is the favorite play for children, and they will love to do it daily, especially girl. It is an effective exercise to do in the morning, which improves the physical activity of children, and stamina. Moreover, it is best to relieve stress and good for blood regulation.


It is perfect if you have a good place to run at your home, well, a nearby park is a good option also. Jogging is all about running at a steady pace not too fast and not too slow. But, if we compare jogging with running it does not require too much energy. To keep your children physically strong jogging for a maximum of 15-30 minutes is good.


For the complete body workout, push-ups are the perfect physical exercise. When you are doing the exercise the muscles of arms, shoulders, hips, chest, abdomen, and legs once all together. Follow the possible tips for exercising properly.


If you want to build postural and awareness in your kids, stretching is the best activity. Also, it is a safe and significant exercise for the flexibility of the body. Before starting any daily routine exercise, stretching will instantly energize you.

Bear Crawl

The simplest of all. The bear crawl is a fun thing for the kids. All they need to do is get on all fours and start crawling on the floor like the bear. Start with the right hand and left feet and then left hand and right feet. Along with the fun, it is best to keep the kids active and enjoy the bear crawl.


This exercise is known as the core strengthening exercise for kids. Lay your kids on the floor on their bellies and guide them to expand their hands and feet like a superman is flying. When it is done rightly, it improves the back, hamstrings, neck, and glutes of children.