Many things got changed during this pandemic, in the past, companies were forcing working mothers out of the workforce. But now, many companies are stepping in to hire both working parents.

In the last year, pandemics not only bring the cracks into the spotlight but scoop out them. It all happens because of the systematic factors involved in it, where there were no affordable and accessible child care centers available and women were forced out of the workforce in remarkable masses. There is a ratio of around 2.3 million women who have left the workforce since February 2020. This puts the women’s labor share rate at 57%, which is considered to be the lowest in the past 32 years as per the study of the National Women’s Law Center held in January 2021.

The jeopardies of mothering in a pandemic are probably affecting most families. The crunches are mainly harming the moms of color which are because of basic racism. Now, companies are not only offering work to moms but also making their professional experience more functional and accommodating.

Companies Guaranteeing to Hire Moms

The renowned companies are of the world are hiring moms for remarkable positions. The positions being offered by organizations support mentorships, training, and flexibilities along with the basic benefits.

Companies are finding out their perfect candidates through a partnership with The Mom Project, which connects to professional moms. Usually, they are looking for women who are unemployed and want to pursue their careers. The roles such as consulting and technology are the ideal positions for moms through which they can easily support their families.

Companies are prioritizing the women for the positions of consultations, technology, and strategy with a commitment to provide complete support, mentorship, flexibility, and training.

Pledge to Support Working Parents

In addition to supporting and hiring female candidates, some companies are providing more benefits and improving the quality of life for working parents. The remarkable companies are investing in parent’s pledges. They are advocating for and giving full support to working parents, which helps them contribute to, survive, and succeed in the workforce.

Well, usually people think about how it looks likes in practicality? An international law firm, known as Morrison and Foerster signed the pledge and released the statement in which it has confirmed that they are presenting the substituent work arrangements, giving the support for the parents returning to work, family therapy webinars, internal support groups, and providing access to wellbeing and mindfulness possessions that support working parents throughout the pandemic.

The Bottom Line

As we are just in the phase where the pandemic has left the worst behind and now companies are providing full support to the working parents. Whether they are putting efforts in hiring the moms or if the employees are being good caregivers and inclining their lives out of the work routine. People have learned a lot from the pandemic. It makes us understand that many changes need to be made. It is delightful to see the diversifications being made for the people raising children, but more changes should be considered.