Obesity in children or childhood obesity is considered to be the most multifaceted issue and a secondary medical condition. In this condition, the children who are obese have a weight more than their age. The extra pounds in children are most often leading to different health issues.

People consider it as a result of overeating. In this era, children are more towards junk food and avoid healthy home-made food. Also, it could be transmitted genetically in children. The easy way to determine the weight in the children is by using Body Mass Index (BMI) percentile, which measures the weight according to the height and ideal weight according to the age.

There might be several causes of obesity in children that could only be identified by doctors and professionals. If parents are noticing any abnormal weight gain in their children, they should concern their pediatrician.

Genetic Factors

The chances of a child becoming obese are high if one of the parents is obese. Genes have a significant role in childhood obesity. In human populations, genetic changes happen very slowly, which causes obesity development. Genes give instructions to the body as a response to environmental changes. The increase in food intake and hunger shows the variants of genes in our body, which subsidizes obesity. If you want to control obesity in your child, consult with a pediatrician, and properly tell him about the family history.

Environmental Factors

The changes in society are increasing the occurrence of obesity in children, according to WHO. Societal factors in childhood obesity are due to the easy access to ready-made frozen food and high caloric junk food. As the convenience of life is preferred over everything, and that’s why children are away from the homemade healthy meal.

Moreover, the other significant factor that falls in environmental issues is the non-availability of good places for exercise like parks and playground.

These reasons make the children, and the parents confused about taking the right decision for healthy food and physical activity. Thereby, it is recommended to the parents to contact the childcare centers and communities.

Psychological Causes  

Apart from other factors, children who do not have any genetic issues are most probably going through psychological stress that leads them to over-eating. Whenever any stressful situation occurs, handling the anxiety becomes hard, which commonly heading to irregular food habits. Usually, the children having obesity have depression when they are unable to control their emotions they are more likely to over-eat.


The risk of becoming obese is high when children are not getting a healthy diet. Fast food, chips, cookies, baked snacks, desserts, and candies are more likely to increase weight in children. Moreover, all the sugary drinks are high in calories and must be avoided. For children, a healthy diet is important to get rid of the medical conditions that with time leads to severity. Adding vegetables, fruits, low-fat, and foods that are rich in protein will help the metabolism work normally and sheds the extra amount of pounds and calories in the body.

The technological era has positive and negative effects on people, especially on children. Kids are more involve in technology and spend more time on mobile phones and computers. They are more involved in the digital world rather than the real world. Decades ago, when there were no video games and mobile phones, children go outside in parks and grounds to play. However, digitalization has replaced this all. It has been ruling our lives and taking us away from socializing. Parents are more responsible as they are not cutting off the use of gadgets from their lives and not paying attention.

As per the researches, all over the world, children are spending 3 billion hours on screens. Videogame addiction in children can lead to various psychological issues. Game addiction to children’s brains is like alcoholism and drug intake, gaming for long hours brings the same changes in the brain as of after drugs and alcoholism.

Adverse Effects on The Children’s Brain

Lack of Attention and Interest

The frequent use of mobile phones and video games leads to a lack of attention and interest. It has been proven by researches that, the children spending more time on playing video game have a lesser interest in studies and performs poorer. They never focus on studies and always skipping home works and school.


The video games that are violent causes aggression in children and reduces positive behavior. They are negatively affecting the mood of children, and they are growing impulsive with no manners. Children bump into violence daily and become numb to it. This is still undecided, whether aggressive games make the player aggressive or not. Some studies say that people who choose aggressive games are already aggressive, and some say aggressive games make the player aggressive.

However, it has been stated that aggressive games provoke aggression in children, which becomes long-term. If parents observe aggression in their children, they should concern with their doctor and talk about their behaviors.

Concentration Problems

To some extent, video games can affect the concentration in children. For short time it can affect the capability to concentrate but leaving long-term effects on the brain. Children with low concentration problem could not perform well in studies and always stay absent-minded.

Less Exercise and Gain Weight 

When your child stays on phone for the whole day, he/she will not get time to exercise and do some physical activity. Laying on a bed or couch with a phone and eating the whole time prohibited exercise, which leads them to gain extra weight and in severe cases, it causes obesity in children.

Poor Social Skills

The children who are more involved in games remain detached from family members and relatives. They never socialize, and when they mingle, they tantrum and show aggression, which is an embarrassing moment for the parents. In this technological era, it has become very difficult for parents to handle their children and raise them. However, it is important to give them gadgets for decided hours and encourage them to play outdoors, make friends, socialize and spend more time on studies and with parents.

Parent-toddler dating calls for attempt that is without a doubt important. Parenting is constantly a hard job, however through retaining near relationships and open verbal exchange with their youngsters, dad and mom can live in contact in any respect tiers in their lives. In addition, a robust parent-toddler dating surely makes parenting easier, due to the fact youngsters who experience extra linked to their dad and mom are extra willing to listen, help, and observe commands Children who experience linked also are extra inclined to speak to their dad and mom approximately issues with pals or at school. We all lengthy for moments of intimacy with our kids that soften our hearts. For dad and mom, touch is crucial to our kids, due to the fact for dad and mom that is what makes all of the sacrifices that dad and mom deserve.


In relationships, there may be no first-rate without quantity. If you spend all of your time at work, and all her time is spent with friends, you’ll now no longer be capable of assume to hold a terrific courting together along with your daughter. Therefore, beneath the stress of labor and everyday life, if we need to construct a higher courting with children, we should spend lots of time to obtain this goal.


Trust does now no longer suggest blindly trusting what your toddler instructed you. Trust manner now no longer giving up regardless of what the kid does. Trust manner in no way casting off the connection in frustration, due to the fact you consider she wishes you and you may discover a strategy to the problem. Trust constantly starts in infancy, while your toddler is aware of if she will be able to depend on you to choose her up while she wishes you.


You ought not to just like the shirts and shorts that your toddler matches, and also you ought not to like how your toddler places photographs in his room. However, it’s miles vital to admire those choices.


Parents every so often inadvertently leave out out on intimate possibilities with the aid of using now no longer permitting their youngsters to assist them with diverse obligations and trivial matters. Going to the grocery keep to sell off is a great example. Children of maximum a while can and must assist them.


You have heard before, it is really important! Eating together can lay the foundation for conversation and sharing.


This could be very inconvenient. But your kids want to explicit their feelings, in any other case they’ll force their behavior. In addition, that is a possibility to assist your infant heal those troubles, which allows you to deliver you closer. Therefore, please arouse all of your sympathy, do not allow anger cause you, and welcome the tears and worry that continually conceal in the back of anger. Remember, you’re a person he trusts sufficient to cry and breathe in.

A lack of good sleep can seriously destroy everything in life. Insufficient sleep can have serious consequences, including depression, breathing disorders and an increased threat of coronary heart disease. Daytime sleepiness is related to insufficient memories, impaired social and painting functions, and even car accidents.


Slumber subsidence is a duration of time, commonly approximately four weeks, and a infant who sleeps well on the identical time may be afflicted with inside the center of the night time while sound asleep or waking up.


The toddler’s nap subsidence commonly lasts for approximately to 4 weeks. This is the time your tiny one receives used to new exercises or symptoms and symptoms or recovers from illness, though the unique period relaxation on at the purpose and might range from toddler to toddler.


Tactlessly, for various parents who are struggling with an insomniac baby due to insomnia, there is no way to stop sleep from declining. This is a normal part of kids and toddlers. At the time, following the time for bed time and sleep timetable can also help reduce the possibility of nap problems. , you also knowing the fact that this will also pass.


At 18 months of age, the kid need to sleep thirteen to fourteen hours in total. This is split into 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night, and to 2 and a 1/2 of hours of naps. Most 18-month-antique youngsters take a brief nap.


Know that is impermanent. When your youngster is crying and refuses to slap, this concept on my own can shop your sanity. Strive your best. If you’ve got a totally impartial child, they’ll be examined and that is it. Try to inspire them to fall asleep. Make positive you’ve got a terrific nap application and bedtime application, and persist with it. Try to observe a bendy schedule. Understand that there can be a few lengthy days and lengthy nights.

Make it certain your toddler takes a nap. Do the entirety feasible to get a nap. You can also additionally need to rely upon cars, trolleys, or actually walking them, however do your fine to make certain your child takes a nap. If your toddler has good enough relaxation throughout the day, you may battle much less earlier than going to bed. Back to random play. When all different techniques fail, do not forget The Shuffle. You do not need to create a brand new sleep crutch, it have to be repaired later. This sleep go back is temporary, and also you need to preserve this sleep kingdom unchanged.

Connect collectively at the side of your toddler. Remember, part of the reason is that your child is getting to know to talk to himself. Make sure to provide you smooth instructions and set limitations with him to help him feel safe. Babies and toddlers need to be consistent.

Sleeping in bed, working, studying, watching TV or even reading can be harmful to your sleep. Eliminating non bedroom activities in the sleeping space helps reduce the risk of the brain associating these tasks with the bedroom.

When it involves kids and nap, a very nice bedtime routine is a key to success. It’s mainly essential for school-age kids to get sufficient nap every night due to the fact now no longer getting sufficient shut-eye can’t most effective have an effect on how nicely they may be capable of study and pay attention in college however can also have an effect on their temper and behavior. Ironically, as children begin attaining college age, they may be much more likely to be tempted with the aid of using all forms of distractions which can intervene with each going to mattress on time and falling and staying asleep. The attraction of factors like texts from friends, computer, and video games, and of course, Television , can all lead to kids combating nighttime and make children greater worn-out the subsequent day.

The nice a part of organizing everyday workouts is that it’ll carry you closer. Not most effective are nightly workouts an exquisite manner to transition children into an awesome night’s sleep, however lots of those rituals also are exquisite approaches to bond together along with your child, and truly connect to him on the stop of the day.


Allow the toddler flexibility in the habitual, however preserve matters beneath you manipulate via way of means of proscribing the alternatives available. For example, permit him pick out one-of-a-kind crammed animals for mattress every night, however, preserve him to a hard and fast number. Let him pick out a tale and a song, however now no longer an entire e-book or CD. Try to preserve the bedtime habitual to now no longer than 30 minutes. As your toddler receives older, you must steadily start to step again and permit him turn out to be extra in rate of his bedtime habitual. Providing those possibilities at some point of his day by day habitual is likewise a manner to assist him turn out to be extra self-reliant?


Prioritize daily bed rest and getup instances throughout the circle of relatives, and make sure to go after the rules even on holidays. You can know that young people nod their heads within 14 to half an hour after going to bed, get up in the morning without any problems, and do not play z all day, they have enough sleep.


It is essential that you discuss and accept the baby’s nap method with your allies or companions, and draw together to be consistent. Or else, you can’t expect the baby to grasp or squeeze her behavior.


Make it definite the bedroom should be darkish and quiet and the sound degree with inside the place is low. If your baby does now no longer like a completely darkish bedroom, activate a little night-time mild, or depart the corridor mild on and the door to the room open.


Children will constantly ask you for the hug, to drink water, go to the toilet, just an extra novel. Try to avoid such kind of requests by making them part of the night routine. And let your kid realize that when she is lying in bed, she must live in bed.

Humans are blessed with numerous blessings throughout their lives, but being blessed with a baby is an extremely overwhelming feeling. Becoming parents is an experience which is impossible to describe in words. When you become parents for the first time, your life changes from top to bottom and nothing remains the same. Your life does not remain just yours but you share it with the people you love the most in the most loving, thoughtful and divine way ever.

Becoming parents for the first time brings you a lot of delight and bundles of happiness as you enter in an entirely new chapter of your life. Transitioning into a new mother and father is indeed the most beautiful time of one’s life. It looks like the biggest change in one’s life and before the birth of baby one cannot be fully aware of parenthood. Even after preparing for nine months you will feel like you know nothing about what to do next.

Tips about Handling A New Born:

Everyone learns from experiences but still manyparents take advices from their health provider or nurses. Here are some tips about how to handle new born babies perfectly.

  • Hygiene of New Born Babies:

Infants are very weak when it comes to germs and sickness. They have the weakest immune system and get easily get infected by viruses and bacteria. Baby skin is very gentle and soft so usually sponge baths are given to the babies for a specific duration of time. Sponge bathing twice or thrice a week is enough for a new born baby. You can tub baths too if you feel like your baby is ready for tubs now.

Remember to keep a soft towel, unscented bathing essentials like shampoo and soaps, cleans diapers and neat and clean clothes.

  • Weekly and Monthly Doctor Check Ups:

Schedule doctors’ visits for your new born babies. Infants require extra care and attention. Regular doctor checkups are required for the proper care of baby. They are also very essential for keeping a proper track of your baby’s health because the initial year of development of an infant are critical.

  • Sleeping Schedule:

Try to keep your sleep schedule same as your baby’s sleeping schedule. You need energy to look after your baby whole day and night. Your body also needs some quality rest after going through the whole process of pregnancy and labor. Use your baby’s nap time as your relaxing time too. Plus you don’t need to keep the entire house silent while making your baby asleep as it is good for baby to sleep in background noises and get use to of these noises.

  • Some Knowledge about Diapering:

Using a cloth or diaper, it is totally the parents’ choice but parents mostly prefer diapers as they are comfortable and gentle for the baby’s gentle skin. Whatever you use, your little ones will definitely dirty then at least 10 times a day. Keep the check about the diaper because a wet diaper can cause rashes. Dispose the wet diaper as soon as you find it wet to stay protected from rashes.

While changing the diaper remember to keep a new diaper with you. Diaper ointments are important to keep the baby’s skin safe. Keep diaper wipes or a bowl of warm water with you while changing diapers. Keep the baby’s genital area clean and dry and expose it to the open air. While changing a your baby boy’s diaper stay alert because air can make him urinate and while changing your baby girl’s diaper clean the surrounding of the genital parts to avoid Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). It is important to leave baby’s bottom bare.

  • Care of Umbilical Cord and Circumcision:

Right after the process of circumcision the tip of the baby’s penis is covered with a net type material commonly called gauze filled with some lubricating material like petroleum jelly. This helps the penis wound to keep from sticking to the diaper or cloth.

Wipe and clean the tip of the penis with gentle hands and always apply any sort of lubricant on the tip of the penis that is not harsh for baby’s skin. The redness or irritation should be healed within a couple of days but if you feel it is not getting any better, consult your doctor immediately. There may be any infection if swelling or puss filled blisters are seen on the penis.

In new born babies umbilical cord care is very essential. Swabbing the area with alcohol swabs is a good way of taking care of the umbilical cord. The cord stump will dry and fall off itself within 3 weeks of the birth. You can also leave the area untouched but keeping a check is important. You should not let the water touch your baby’s naval area until the stump dries and fall off. It may cause infection. If any sort of discharge, or reddish color or irritation is felt around the area immediately call on your doctor.

  • Method of Feeding and Burping:

Feeding your little one can be tiring whether to do it through a bottle or breast. You should feed your baby according to their demand which means whenever they are hungry. You will know whenever your baby is hungry by noticing the following things.

If they are hungry they will cry or make sucking noises or will take their fingers in their mouth.  Infants require feeding after every couple of hour.

If you are breast feeding then give east breast a chance to nurse for 10-15 minutes. Babies can get gassy, in this situation try burping them. You can pat at the back of babies or lay your baby face down on your lap or shoulder for burping them.

  • Baby safe clothes:

Do not wear clothes which can cause disturbance for the baby. Wear easy and comfortable clothes.

  • Need of socializing:

If you feel like your baby is starting to feel isolated, you should start taking your baby out with you. You and your little one will feel good and fresh.

  • Night sleeping schedule:

By turning off lights or dimming lights you can create a peaceful environment to make your baby fall sleep.

  • Taking Care of Yourself:

Parents get all busy in looking after their little ones and forget about themselves. You can do simple things to take care of yourself like eating healthy food, grabbing a good nap, exposing yourself to open air, interacting with other people and doing something of your interest can really help you function properly all day.

These are some of the best advices for the first time parents. From conception to birth it is a period of celebration but keeping these things in minds can really help you in handling your little ones. If you feel like expanding your family after some time, these guides will help you then too. In case of any abnormal behavior or any confusion, contact your doctor immediately.