ADHD has been reported in children more, parents never know their children are going through severe ADHD for long. It is a common neurodevelopment disorder that develops in childhood. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder which usually appears at the age of seven. It has been usually identified when your kids is not paying proper attention or stay inattentive.

Most parents find that their child is going through some disorder when they are not performing well in studies always stay dull and impulsive. This disorder is the most researched among the other child and adolescent psychological issues. However, the cause is still unrevealed.

It has been explained that it is caused by the low-levels of dopamine, which is a brain chemical, and this disorder is a brain-based problem. This chemical is a neurotransmitter, and its low levels are usually found in the brain of children suffering from ADHD. The area of the brain that controls movement, attention, and judgment has lower levels of brain metabolism in ADHD affected children.

Some of the studies have shown that sometimes ADHD is transferred in children from their parents. Parents when they were young might have experienced the symptom in their early ages. Siblings of the same family are found with this disorder most commonly.

When the parents get aware of the issue, they take professional help. Usually, parents take it seriously when ADHD starts to interfere with a child’s studies and inattentiveness, to adjust them for the age-appropriate happenings.

What could be the Possible Reasons?

The researchers not coming up with any confirmed reason. However, with the observations, it has been considered that usually, the reason for ADHD is lack of attention. This is because, when both parents are busy in their daily life chores they pay little attention to their kids in the early ages of their development. However, it has been said that in early childhood, a kid needs all of the attention from the mother especially, but when they do not get it, they become impulsive, and it leads to various behavioral and psychological disorders.

Moreover, another very common reason is hereditary. It has been said that if one of the parents has the issue it is transmitted to the children. However, if you are observing some relatable symptoms, it has been suggested to the parents to seek early treatment before it gets worse.

How ADHD could be Harmful to Children? 

When ADHD is left untreated, or the parents are not taking the behavioral and psychological changes seriously, it has been predicted to affect the future of kids. The children with undiagnosed and untreated ADHD experience multiple life challenges. They have low-esteem, are confused, cannot succeed in life, suicidal behaviors, depression, fail in studies and relationships, and always throwing tantrums. Parents are highly advised to monitor every activity of their child. If you observe any mild change, concern about it and try to cope up with it by yourself. Check where you are lacking and what is triggering your child, as, at that time, they need proper attention, love, and care.

Doodling occupies all of the attention of a person. It is composed of the random abstract; whatever comes into a person’s mind, he draws it to give illustration to his thoughts. Usually, it is drawn in the unconscious mind; people doodle to avoid boredom. However, it is rude to doodle to ignore the lectures at school and avoid meetings at work. These repeated patterns are beneficial for a human to some corner.

Staying absent-minded is considered not to be normal; however, contrary to this, doodling in the absence of mind affects the brain positively, which is unknown to us. This lost skill has health benefits, which should not be ignored. If you use to doodle and be embarrassed with your habit, relax, you never know you are boosting your mental health.

Doodling Supports Creativity 

In some instincts, doodling is stimulating the parts of the brain that remains inactive, mostly when you are in a semantic mood. At that time, your concentration is on a different level; you are analyzing the facts that you have never come across. During doodling, you are igniting different networks in the brain and getting different information. This gives you the solutions to the problems very quickly that you are struggling for long.

Usually, in business, people doodle to elaborate on the ideas and concepts, which is also known as a visual language. This leads you to think in pictures, trigger ideas, and improve the way of communication.

Help Understand your Feelings

As we all know, doodling is all about bringing the mind illusions on a piece of paper that reveals what you are thinking at the moment. However, when you have a habit of doodling it help you communicate with your inner self. Whatever stress is in your mind take your pencil and start drawing. As per the researches, it is the best way to express inner feelings and release the vibrations of loneliness.

Boosting Memory 

As per the research conducted in 2009, it has been observed that the people who doodle are better at recalling memories and paying attention rather than people who do not doodle. Doodling keeps a person awake, when the brain is almost inactive, when people freely doodle, they keep their brains active and attentive for more than a long while. Without losing total interest, doodling breaks the strain; the brain needs to pay continuous attention and keep it attending.

Doodling Helps Relief Stress

Fact fully, continuous drawing can give relief from psychological distress. The random words and patterns that make no sense, or the half-faced illusions that all of a sudden become somewhat out of the space, are not as random as we think. Doodles are used to identify the emotional problems of the patients by some health care providers. Making the picture of what they are thinking, and the sense of exploring the inner selves keep a person relaxed.

Improves Concentration

If you are struggling with a focusing problem, engage yourself in doodling, it will immediately active in unfocused circuits, give break to the focus circuits and you can more creatively solve the problems and understand things the next moment.

A person can be mentally strong if he is free from financial issues. These days’ economic factors disturb the lives both mentally and physically, which could worsen health problems and leads to severe stress. It becomes challenging to motivate yourself for fixing the issues and control the thoughts of being in debt. Financial stress triggers and bothers the routines and bring various problems potentially that make it difficult for a person to look after the house chores and responsibilities.

Financial stress is very common among men and women both, but it is more in men as they are the bread earners. The expense of raising their children, being unable to proceed a healthy life, and facilitating the important house-related expenses, bring a person in nightmares. Here we have listed down the strategies that play a key role in managing the stress and continue the daily chaos.

Talk to the Close One 

When you are going through a money problem, you will need someone who always stands at your back, listens to you, and give you advice. Having a trusted friend, family member or partner means you have an area where you can relieve your stress. Speaking openly about the problems that are trigging you every now and then will shed some burden on you. In this situation, all you need is someone who can make you feel relaxed, supports you, and honestly stand shoulder to shoulder whether you need money or advice.

Make a Budget 

It looks strange to plan a budget when you spend your life in freedom. But, when you realize what you are dealing with, it becomes easy for you to go with the zero-based budget.

  • Figure out your income and then plan for the expenses of the month
  • Exclude your expenses from your income until it becomes zero.

Making it zero doesn’t mean you will leave with nothing in your account. It implies where you have to spend and are you done with all the important chores or not.

Handle One Problem at a Time

It is really hard to decide where to start. We have hundreds of things running in our minds at a time. But when you start handling all of the issues together, it will become more difficult for you to come up with a solution.

Instead of increasing more problems, make a list of current financial problems and place them according to the priorities. Divide your issues and then give time to each. At that time, you need to prohibit the additional stress, so stuck on one, solve it and then more to the other.

Keep Tracking your Progress

For you, this might be irrelevant and not a solution to your issues. But you don’t have an idea that this makes a big difference in your stress. It is important to figure out where you were and where you are standing right now. Keep tracking the current situation and plans. When you find that you are almost reaching the goals and about to combat the major problems you will feel so relaxed, and naturally your some burden will shed. This makes it easy for you to plan for the future.

Depression is a grumpy disease characterized by sadness or depression. Almost everyone feels unhappy or depressed from time to time. However, sometimes, unpleasant emotions can become intense and shut down for a long time, keeping someone away from daily life, and may interfere with sleep, appetite, and energy.


Helplessly insomnia is certainly taken into consideration as one of the signs and symptoms and signs and symptoms of depression (a small percent of human beings with depression (approximately 15%) oversleep or sleep too much). My very own loss of sleep can’t motive depression, however it does. Lack of sleep because of all different medical pollutants or private troubles can exacerbate depression. Being not able to doze off for a long term is likewise a critical clue that someone can be depressed.


It consist of feeling hopeless, helpless or sad, problem concentrating and remembering things, lack of energy; daylight hours sleepiness; lack of hobby in sports that after gave you pleasure; or mind of suicide or death.


You can take some steps to increase the midnight break. In times of insomnia and trouble, you can use consciousness relaxation, cognitive therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy techniques to draw pictures to calm your mind and body. I agree that you first seek the advice of a therapist, psychiatrist or doctor to ensure that you have no psychological problems, scientific complications or remedies, and will not cause sleep problems.


If you suffer from insomnia and despair, do not expect that clinical treatment of someone will mechanically treat other diseases. Desperate treatments, as well as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and different medications, may also increase your temper and appearance, but now they are not enough to improve your sleep. There is some evidence that the persistence of humans in the process of sleep plagues people’s desperate mood, thereby making up for the possibility of decline.


Normal sleep is a state of recovery. However, despite disturbed or insufficient sleep, it may cause nervousness, alertness and irritability. Physical or emotional trauma, metabolism or other clinical problems may cause sleep disorders. Lack of sleep can cause fatigue. Fatigue will greatly reduce your exercise volume, resulting in a drop in your fitness level. Eventually, you find yourself in a vicious circle of lack of exercise and restless sleep, which is the cause of every physical and emotional symptom.


Regular aerobic exercise can make people fall asleep faster, spend more time in deep sleep, and wake up less often at some point in the night.


Since people with insomnia tend to be addicted to the tendency to no longer fall asleep now, cognitive behavioral strategies can help them eliminate bad expectations and try to build additional self-belief that they can sleep well.

Whether to call it to work stress, or take it as the outcome of less attention, moms have major mental health issues. Women are working day and night for their families, they are the key managers of the house. Many of the women are stay undiagnosed with their condition, and the ones who get aware of their mental illness leave it untreated that with time worsen. The moms who are suffering from the problem has a different level of anxiety.

Most commonly, people say, the feminine group has adopted the mental health issues from their history. These gossips are wrong. The major cause of mental health is stress, responsibility pressure, and restlessness. The mental health of a mother disturbs the life of their children in severe cases. We all know parenting is a difficult job, and balancing the needs of the child with the other things happening on the other side is quite thought-provoking. These tips will help you cope with common mental health conditions.

Relieve your Stress by Meeting People

Exchange of thoughts is important for every single person. However, when you think you are just done with combating your schedule and yourself. Plan a hangout with your friends, meet the people who are loyal to you. If you don’t want to go out as there is no one to take care of your child behind you. Invite your dearest friends and have long talks, have lunch together, and take advice. Talking to somebody you feel comfortable with, gives relief.

Play with your Kids

Spending quality time with your kids gives overwhelming feelings. As you are busy with your kids for the whole day, doing their things, making a meal for them, arranging their cupboards, managing routine, and helping them with their homework, you are with your kids for the whole day. But having a fun time with your children gives peace of mind. Play games with them, watch cartoon movies and involve them in making a meal with you.

Give yourself Time

You are already tired of completing the house chores, and not giving yourself time. Attending your needs and taking yourself out of the limits will be awesome. Check your closet, if you are out of new clothes, go buy some, and you can bring your children with you too. Moreover, focus on your skincare routine as the stress and depression have already faded the glow. Cook for yourself and tell your children about what you like in foodstuff.

Get Professional Help 

Well, along with coping up with the symptoms by yourself, professional help is important too. If you feel your stress is getting uncontrollable take the advice from an authentic health care provider. Tell him/her all of the severities and symptoms you experience, along with your daily routine. Follow the advice he gives and stuck on it.

Practice your Passion

Every single person is born with a passion for something in themselves. Some people are passionate about singing, painting, cooking, writing, and so on. Find the inner stimulator that you have just buried inside as you have responsibilities of the family members. Think about what you are passionate about and practice your passion. You can involve your children with you and have a fun time with them.

According to the study, sleeping disorders are increasing the odds of professional burnout, especially in health professionals. Those who are exposed to positive sleeping disorder screening results are reported to have professional satisfaction. Among the staffed employees, according to the cross-sectional studies, undiagnosed sleeping conditions are common.

Balanced routines play a prominent role in making the right timeline for a healthy life. Sleep has a distinct place when it comes to liveliness and beauty. When you have a disturbed sleep routine you can never handle your tasks easily.

Professional burnout syndrome results from chronic workplace stress. This syndrome is composed of three dimensions mainly, negative feelings and mental distance from the job, less professional productivity, and reduction of energy or exhaustion. This phenomenon refers totally to the professional context and is never concerned with life’s different experience areas.

Health professionals are more likely to have this syndrome as they are working day and night. Most of the time, they are on their duties for 24 hours and more. In this duration, their sleeping routine is quite disturbed and possibly near to no sleep routine. For their wellness, in between May 2018-2019 researchers develop sleep health programs among the groups, which is based on a 40-minutes session. In this session, the members are screened and checked for sleep disorders which include insomnia, sleep apnea, shift work disorder, and restless legs syndrome. Professional fulfillment and burnout were also evaluated. In total, 1,436 results come out.

According to the research published in September 2018 specifies that half of the healthcare professionals are having burnout syndrome. However, burnout is growing the odds of unprofessionalism, less involvement in patient’s wellbeing cases, and less patient fulfillment, according to research published in October 2018.

It has been declared that most of the faculty and staff members are found with undiagnosed sleeping issues. Nearly fourfold growth in the odds of professional burnout has been observed in the people found positive with sleep disorder after screening results.

Researchers are now putting their efforts into decreasing the risk of odds. Studies are being held on the relation between sleeping disorders and professional fulfillment. Professionals with sleep disorders are unable to work properly, which lessens their interest and decreases productivity.

A healthy sleeping routine directly affects the lifestyle of a person and keeps a person ready to perform any sort of task. Researchers are being conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of a healthy sleeping routine on work productivity. The random trials and tests are taken to screen the results, these findings are used to analyze the effectiveness of sleep health programs on sleeping disorders. These sessions are more likely to reduce the symptoms of burnout guaranteed. Moreover, sleeping disorders can be handled by prior treatments and self-control. To avoid sleeping relapses and professional disturbance, it is important to cope up with the symptoms early. The better option is to take the health program sessions that are specially arranged for the professional at the hospital with sleeping disorders.

In this era when someone complains about being lazy, or stressed, depressed or being mentally ill, then all the experienced physiatrist and physiologists advise them to do exercise. It helps to improve mental health. As it reduces the risk of being lazy, ill, stressed, depressed and more known mental diseases. What one concludes without any hypothesis, “how exercise can be beneficial for our brain? Exercise helps physically not mentally”.

One cannot conclude anything and make it a fact on the basis of hypothesis without knowing the thesis.

In this write-up you shall clear your doubts and will know the facts about the benefits of exercise, which will help you manage your health and make you relax. 

Yes it’s true that exercise helps you physically but it is also verified that it is helpful for your mental health. What we generally do is, we exercise for one or two days and expect an immense change, however it is obvious that in such a short period we cannot see any change, so we quit. Everything needs time so do your brain. It needs regularity, some may see change but mostly don’t. It will take time but surely you will see the results with the passage of time.

Exercise makes you think positively about yourself as the blood circulation accelerates in your body and hormones tend to get fixed. It helps you to sleep on time if you are not having the right amount of sleep daily. Following steps will ensure that exercise does make a change on your mental health.

Solution to a Stressful Day:

Stressed? Talk a long walk, or you may run on the track. It may not solve the problem of what you are stressed about. However, it will surely make you feel better as it boosts happy hormones.

Schrodinger Smiley :):

Being an emoji of Schrodinger? When you don’t know whether you are happy or sad. It feels like you are in an unknown place where you may get killed, but the safe passage is exercise. Exercise is a door that can provide you with that safe passage but only if it is opened at the right time.

Boosts your Memory:

It helps in boosting the power of your brain and sharpens your memory as exercise helps in preventing cognitive decline.

There are infinite benefits for exercise/work-out but above all those benefits tops the mental health. Try out the exercises mentioned below for verification. 


Firstly you need to know what meditation is, it is a process where an individual focuses on an object, thing, thought or anything. That provides you an emotionally calm and stable state of mind; attention and awareness.

It has various benefits, for example when you meditate, you focus on the present, you build up patience and tolerance, and you master the art of imagination and creativity. New researchers suggest that meditation gives us change in a short time of 11 days. So it depends on how long you do it in a day. An hour daily can give you results in just 11 days.


Yoga allows you to connect with your mind, body and spirit. Those who practice yoga are able to reduce anxiety depression and all the mental illness.

Aerobics and Zumba

Is there anyone who doesn’t love to dance? Obviously, no! Those who are full of life and know the value of it exactly know how to spend it with regards to staying fit. Work-out in a musical environment gives you relaxing vibes as well as motivation to continue staying fit and healthy. Hence enhancing the good mood for the day!