As we have been through frizzes, we all know frizzes can easily affect any of us, but curly headed ladies deal with the frizz more often than any of us. It’s always so challenging for us to manage frizz and curls as hair tends to be drier and more prone to damage in curls. What causes frizz is using wrong styling products, which turn the beautiful hair into a frizzy mess also, chemical processing, heat styling, etc. Almost everybody battles frizz, and we know how frustrating it can be. Sometimes anti-frizz product seems useless in scorching hot summer days.


The fine trimming is more important than any other thing because good hair cut is the key. And as we know, split ends are the beginning of dryness, frizz, and hair fall, so stop them before they start by getting your twists managed each month.


Shampooing every day can strip your hair, and all its built-in (natural) oil lead to brittle hair as your hair needs the natural oil from your scalp to lessen a mess. Just a small amount of people can use products like shampoo daily, for example, a person who exercises a lot or living in a humid place, etc. If you are having frizz issues, then you should cut down on your shampooing to as little as possible.


Holding your hair too much can cause breakage and frizzes. They can take away the necessary oil and leads to broken hair strands and dryness. Avoid touching it even though you feel it’s tempting, or else you are going to get more frizz.


Silk pillow, as compared to any other pillow is better for frizz as your hair rubs all over the night and, it provides frictionless surface and your strand a smoothness. Silk pillows usually fight with bedhead and frizz mess. Friction can disturb the cuticle layer of your hair, which leads the way to bad hair.


The only reason to do deep conditioning is to repair dryness and damaged hair. It helps rebuild the hair molecular layer, encourage the thickness of your hair, make your hair softer, energized hair, and most importantly moisturized it.


Hot hair tools are no doubt an amazing gadget for giving hair the aesthetic or good look, but it can leave your hair frizzled. Using tools like curler, dryers, rollers, straightener, etc., which produce heat can cause breaks, bad for your hair health and can be harmful, cause breakage and frizzes.


It’s important to think that you have been managing your hair right or not?

Being consistent with your hair routine especially conditioning will reduce the frizzes and surely increase the health of your hair. All you need to do is don’t lose hope so fast, you will see the big difference after trying hard and patient.

Consuming healthy food is essential for everybody at any age, however, eating healthy food becomes more important for the people who hit midlife and beyond. When you consume healthy food, it will affect your outlook in a very positive and good way, and you will stay emotionally balanced. Healthful consumption doesn’t mean you have to make plans and sacrifice on eating. Somewhat, all you must do is eating fresh, take healthy ingredients, and consume with the people you love.

We all heard that “Eating well as you age” is so important because when you get older eating helps you in many ways. It sharpens the mind, boosts up the energy, and improves health, and the more you eat healthily, the more you stay away from illnesses.

How to create healthy diets for old age people?


Fruits and vegetables are great for elderly people to give out. When we talk about healthy food and vegetable always pick antioxidant dark food like green leaves. For example, broccoli, kale, spinach, carrots, squash, etc., and in fruits berries, melons, apple, bananas, etc. if you want to make vegetables more drizzling fry them with garlic or make them in olive oil, etc.


Fiber is very important for digestive health. Fiber is usually found in beans, fruits, vegetables, grains, etc., which keep you regular. A human body should take 25 to 30 grams of fiber daily for good health. Fiber intakes are vital because it keeps you away from coronary disease, strokes, skin problems, and help you lose your body weight, etc.


As you grow old, it becomes more important to increase water intake. Water helps to keep your kidney healthy and lower the risk of urinary tract infections as its common problem is all elderly people. 7 to 10 glasses of water are a must as you age.


Healthy nutrition helps you to grow and function in your body in a proper way. Protein always helps in improving the mood and keeps you away from unhappiness, anxiety, tension, and help you to choose your brain more clearly and actively. Fats and protein have good benefits, which keep the immune system functioning well, improve your health of heart, etc.

Also, don’t think about cutting fats from your healthy diet instead enjoy eating healthy fats because the body needs fat for the energy to protect the brain and heart. The concepts of fats are not the same, which increases your waistline, raises cholesterol, etc., some fats are good for your body.


The cells in our body need calcium like muscles, heart, and nervous system. Why we need calcium? Not only older people need calcium everybody needs it. Calcium builds strong bones and teeth. If you avoid taking the calcium your body will take away from bones, and it makes you weak, which is not good, so it’s crucial to take care of every carb the body needs.

When it comes to eating healthy, usually we think of the number of dollars we should spend on our diet. As a matter of fact, we all know about costliness on almost everything, which leads us to thought about our budget. Well, some of you might not be taking a healthy diet plan, which is affecting your health as well.

The food expenses are always reduced, finding the healthy ingredients on a limited budget is always a challenge for all. As we all know, eating healthy is important for mental and physical health. However, eating well on a budget and struggling with a tight financial future make you think twice and more about yourself. Financial issues and a healthy diet create a barrier, and finding both at the same time is such a difficult challenge.

When you are starving and short of money, you find eating fast-food as the best option in the limited money. The convenience food is satisfying, tasty, and could not cost enough money. However, it is filled with calories and preservatives that are not good for health. They are effective for budget but not giving the amount of nutrition your body requires. People think that fast-food is more affordable than home-made food. We do not have an idea that there are items available in stores at low-price that would not affect your budget.

Create a Shopping List 

When you are making a realistic grocery list in your budget, figure out what amount you have to spend. Track the amount you have spent on your meal in the previous month, then you realize how much you can spend in the on-going month.

Start making the list from, ‘if this then not that’. Prioritize the fresh food and the basic ingredients. The list may include tea, sugar, spices, Kgs of meat, whole grains, lentils, vegetables, dairy products, cheese, sauces, olives, mushrooms, etc. The list goes with whatever you need to proceed with a healthy diet, and the quantity will be following the whole month.

Purchase from Generic and Low-priced Stores

Few stores cost more than the normal price. Some of the stores sell double of the actual price which will surely put damage on your budget. Figure out which store is more generic and has the best price list. It is far better to shop from conventional stores than the ones with the brand name. There is no big difference between the quality but has a big difference in the price.

Do Bulk Buying 

If you want to save money and time, buy items in bulk that can easily be stored for the whole month. If you have enough space, buy whole grains, onions, potatoes, frozen items, canned foods, coffee, cereals, flour, canned vegetables, etc. Bulk buying will help you analyze what you already have and what you have to buy in the upcoming month.

Take Benefit of Sales and Promotions

Sales and promotions that happen after every 2 or 3 months will give you benefit in bulk buying. If you have enough space in your pantry, buy the staple items at that time and save your money for the next 2 to 3 months.

As far as you experience different changes, here you need to line-up your skincare routine also. Pregnancy is the time when women should be careful about their eating habits, routine activities as well as which products they are using. As things change in this time, you might be using some of the skincare or beauty products containing ingredients that are harmful to you and your baby. 

You never know, your favorite skincare products filling the shelves can leave you in shock. You think you are using those products for a good reason. But you are not aware of the fact that it might have some ingredients that are absorbed by your body and the body of your baby at the same time. 

Facial Skin Changes during Pregnancy 

There might be several shifts in your skin in pregnancy which is because of the changes in hormones and blood flow. Usually, in pregnant women, the issue of increased pigmentation occurs, which causes melisma, and it is known as the ‘Mask of Pregnancy’. Melisma is the dark splotchy spots on the face, and most probably it happens on the forehead and cheeks. Women are recommended to do daily exercise and by avoiding the products that are harmful to their skin at that time.

If you are looking for products that could fight your skin problems, avoid the products that contain the following ingredients. Double-check the label before buying.

Essential Oils

As we all consider essential oils as the best substitute for chemical-filled beauty products. However, they are not recommended by the FDA and do not go with the standards of labeling. Especially in early pregnancy, they are strictly prohibited as they can cause uterine contraction and can badly affect your baby at the stages of development.

Salicylic Acid 

Salicylic acid is usually known as the best product to treat acne. It contains the anti-inflammatory abilities of aspirin. Usually, doctors recommend avoiding excessive use of salicylic acid as the skin absorbs a small amount but, the skin containing this acid causes a high risk.


Hydroquinone is used as the skin brightener, and during pregnancy, many women use it to get rid of the mask of pregnancy or melisma. However, it is recommended to avoid this ingredient, as it contains a higher absorption rate as compared to other chemicals. The huge amounts are likely to enter your bloodstream and can harm your fetus.


Beauty products contain formaldehyde as the disinfectant because it is a carcinogen. The excessive use of it can lead to miscarriage and a high risk of infertility. Usually, this ingredient is present in some hair products and nail polishes.

Chemical Sunscreen 

The sunscreen you might use daily contains hormone disruptors. Commonly oxybenzone or avobenzone is found in sunscreen that directly affects the nervous system growth of the fetus. Instead of chemical-filled cream, if you want to protect your skin from the sun, use natural sun protection. Or consult with your health provider about your skincare routine.

As much as surrogacy is the best option for infertile parents, this miracle comes with some legal bonding which if not followed may lead to strict actions by law. Surrogacy is basically the legal bonding between intended parents and the surrogate mother when a woman willingly agrees to carry the child of the infertile intended parents. There are two types of surrogacy i.e Gestational Surrogacy and Traditional Surrogacy, the method is almost the same in both types. But in Gestational one the surrogate mother doesn’t share her eggs, it’s the embryo that she carries in her uterus. As a result, the surrogate mother is not related to the baby by genetic means, but only by biological means.  And when we talk about traditional surrogacy, only the sperms of the intended father are inserted into the surrogate mother where she utilizes her eggs to reproduce a child and is genetically and biologically related to the baby.

Surrogacy as it sounds, is not an easy process. Not because of the complications but the legal matters. This matter involves getting one woman pregnant who will carry someone else’s child for nine months, the finances and its allocations, the custody of the child when it’s born and so on.. These all facts give rise to the need for rules and regulations backed by Law of the country because the restrictions and policies for surrogacy vary country wise. And it is also true that it is not acceptable in many countries. However, it is also confirmed that over the last 7 years, the number of children born with surrogacy has been doubled. The reasons could be so many, the busy career oriented women make the best use of surrogacy and keep themselves away from pregnancy related stuff, or it could be the only reason why surrogacy was invented which is infertility.

Even after the birth of the child the legal guardian of the child remains the surrogate mother but then a document is processed by the law that (when signed by the surrogate mother) shifts all the rights of the surrogate mother to the intended parents. The two cases of Gestational and Traditional surrogacy are way different from each other but regulations still stay the same, the legal custody of the baby is just one sign away.

There are a number of legal as well as ethical issues about surrogacy. In some countries, there is no extra amount of money allowed to give to the surrogate mother except for only medical expenses. And if we talk about post pregnancy stuff, there is no compensation for it. In some unfortunate circumstances, when a surrogate mother fails to successfully give birth to the child, there is no compensation for that also, no medical support, no emotional consultation, in short, all the benefits will be taken over. If we talk about the heart of it, the child, there should also be some kind of security for it. The probability of any sudden incident is always high, and life is unpredictable. There should be financial security for the child in case if the intended parents die and the surrogate mother is not able to bring the child up. The chances are also that the surrogate mothers rejects to give the baby to the intended parents or vice versa, the intended parents reject to accept the child. These all issues clearly impose the need of proper laws in all countries about surrogacy, be it gestational or traditional. 

A pregnant woman undergoes many changes, physical and hormonal, both. The changes are hard to pass through but women being as strong as always carry their illness and anxiety smoothly. Even after giving birth, it doesn’t stop instantly. Postpartum hair loss is a common issue every woman has to face. Hair loss after delivery is not like usual one, there is an excessive amount of hair fall each passing day. 

The normal amount of hair falling each day is 100 strands. But when you are pregnant, the diet and other vitamins intake is rich and wholesome. It increases blood circulation in your body that results in healthy hair during pregnancy.  But when you deliver your baby, the oestrogen level falls resulting in huge hair loss for the mother, which may continue till 6 to 8 months. But no need to freak out, this change is also temporary like many others you faced during your pregnancy.

Treatment for Postpartum Hair Loss

Continue your Healthy Diet Routine

To treat hair loss the first and the most important thing to continue is your diet which was during pregnancy that includes fruits and vegetables, proteins and other minerals. These intake of vitamins and nutrients will fight against hair loss and keep your hair healthy looking as earlier.

Prenatal Vitamins

Don’t stop the intake of prenatal vitamins without asking your doctor. These vitamins will restore the energy in you which in turn have a good effect on your scalp health.

Avoid Stressing Out

The best and natural way that comes from within is to be relaxed even though your baby is a little crying machine. Do not stress out on anything post pregnancy also, be it anything related to you baby. Your baby will be safe and healthy when you will be healthy. Consult your physician when needed.

Gentle Care for your Hair

You will need to be extra careful while handling your hair. Don’t comb like you used to do before, must use a widely spaced comb for your hair to avoid clumps of hair on your comb or brush. Do not shampoo frequently because it makes your hair dry and dryness leads to excessive hair loss, so shampoo your hair only when needed the most. Massages should be gentle and cut short in time, massage your hair with oil but be careful about delicate roots that might fall out.

Go with a Natural Look

It’s time to praise your natural hair because applying heat onto it will cause some severe and permanent damage to your hair. You might need to avoid blow drying, straightening and curling for 5 to 6 months after giving birth to save yourself from an irreversible damage. Also avoid applying chemicals on your scalp like bleach, hair dye or chemical treatments.

Consult your Doctor

If this thing continues for longer than a year and is accompanied by other symptoms as well then it could be an alarm to go check in to your physician because it could be any postpartum disease like anemia or thyroiditis. 

One should be beautiful. However, the word should is used for the inner beauty which we call it beauty of the heart yet brain. Then you may go for outer beauty, which is based on 

Your choice. It’s the matter of fact whether you want it or not since you’re beautiful just the way you are. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to have a glowing skin that shines brighter than the sun yet looks natural. In order to achieve beauty we forget to be healthy, which should be the first thing to think about. It is a phenomenon that beauty comes naturally when you are healthy initially. Along with your daily routine you can have tips on beauty which will not affect but affect. In this article you’ll know virtuous tips to beauty which are easy as well as pocket friendly.

Here are the easy beauty tips every woman should follow:

  • Multi-tasking blush:

Pick a shade and get a finished look with just one shade of your lipstick. You can do your eyes, cheeks, contour and lipstick of course with just one multi-tasking shade.

  • For beautiful and strong nails:

A mixture of coconut oil and honey with few drops of lavender oil is perfect for strengthening the nails. 

  • For sunburnt:

Take a tomato, and apply it with honey on your face. Cut the tomato in half and dip it in honey and rub all over your face and neck, rub until the slice becomes soggy enough to throw.

  • Buying dark foundation:

If you have bought a dark foundation for your light skin no need to be tensed. Just adding any moisturizer into the foundation will help in lightening the dark colored paste.

  • Eat healthy:

Eat fruits. Lots and Lots of fruits. If you eat healthy you’ll stay healthy and as a result it will make you beautiful without any beauty product.

  • Yoga:

No need for time at the gym, just turn your Wi-Fi on and on YouTube search yoga and if you are a beginner then just go for beginner videos. Yoga helps the blood to circulate in your body properly which will give you naturally glow skin accompanied with a healthy and fit body.

  • Hairs being frizzy?

Try simple, quick and easy-to-make spray at home. Take two slices of lemon and simmer in two cups of water until it reduces to half the amount, pour liquid into a spray bottle and then just spray on your hair. Not only will there be wonderful natural hair however, static and fly away hair will go away. 

  • Natural hair color:

You have a party at night but no time and you see your hair being colorless and there isn’t any color or henna at home. Just take a few spoons of coffee from the kitchen shelf and dissolve it into 2 cups of water. Mix with ¼ cup of shampoo and every time you shampoo use the mixture. Leave shampoo in your hair for about 15 minutes and see the difference it makes.