Writing letters to Santa Claus was a part of the celebration in the Christmas season. Kids love to mail the list of things they want from Santa. For the little bunnies, Santa is a saint who brings lots of gifts and surprises to make the Christmas holiday more exciting. Christmas is the most exciting and interesting holiday just like Halloween and New Year celebrations for the kids. Children wait for the whole month to enjoy the vibes of jingle bells, Christmas trees, yummy foods, and gifts all around them. They love to decorate the house with colorful hangings and lights with their parents.

But, hold on here! Don’t you think this Christmas will be different as celebrated ever? That’s right! As we all are stuck in the pandemic and lockdown situations, things are taking different twists, and we cannot even predict the changes.

All in all, as this all is being drastic for almost everyone, children are becoming stressed also, as they might not have that fun. Where children love to list down the gifts they want from Santa, here we see a big change in their letters and conversations. Instead of penning down the wishes, they are sharing all they have experienced in this pandemic.

Lots of letters revealed that children are writing heart-breaking stories and sharing their losses, which is a total distraction. Those letters show, how disturbed and stressful children are. We cannot predict what is going on in their minds as most of the time they are surrounded by the news, precautions and the most unacceptable thing, they are not allowed to visit their friends and can’t play in playgrounds.

When parents opened the letters their children are writing, they get them crying when they see them writing about their losses; a father shared the letter of his little son, where he shares how much he is missing his father, he wants to spend more time with him, and he is asking Santa for help. The letters left the public in tears, and the parents are in in-depth thoughts about how much their children are noticing things, they almost see them playing, but cannot predict their hearts.

This situation is bringing the children to a stressful situation. As they see their family members dying of the corona virus, they are getting afraid of this fetal disease and being stressed seeing their loved ones gone. Children are being frustrated about not spending much of the time with their siblings and parents who are away from them for some reason and got stuck there. The letters show that all they want from Santa this Christmas is the intimacy and their loved ones with them.

There is no way for children to express this frustration and emotions, the letters they are writing to Santa are subjected to their father/mother who is away from them, missing grandparents who are passed away due to corona and the happy life back. The gifts, toys, candies, superheroes, and all those wishes are missing. This surprises the masses and makes them cry, as those stories are hard to read.

At an early age, children want to play whatever they want. There are plays that do not have any specific name, they just make their own of their interest. Well, imaginative plays are known to fall in the category where there is no definitive name of the game, but children love to play. 

Imaginative plays are all about imagination. It has the characteristics that are sometimes unrevealed to the parents also. In simple words, it is the therapy to focus on. Well, it is known as the plays where children make-believes. It is fun for them, and parents should not stop them from imaginative plays as they have a significant role in the growth and development of a child. Simply, they should be encouraged by both parents!

In imaginative plays, children experienced some roles in their plays that are of their interest. Like playing doctor and school with other toys, pretending to be a mother or superhero, and more. They can play these games alone with their toys or with other children also. The below benefits will surely jolt you when you come across them!

Benefits of Imaginative Plays

Positive Behavior

Imaginative plays are fun for the kids as well as parents also as it gives parents a way to teach positive behaviors to their children. By asking the questions, let them comment, and discussing the confusions through playing in the situations with their toys is a gateway for incidental learning. This trick is used to make the kids work with parents and teach them about functional skills.

Physical Development

Making learning activities fun is best to teach the skills of physical development. Such as, changing the clothes of the doll and fitting those to the arms of the cloths help maintain hand-eye coordination. This makes them learn how to control and move their hands in various ways.

Self-regulation and Problem Solving Skills

Imaginative play when played in situations with other children help learn problem-solving and self-regulation skills. When a kid learns how to control the emotions and aggression that usually occurs when children don’t get what they want to continue and participate in the game. This boosts the ability to solve problems and deal with them positively.

Social Skills and Language

When children talk to other children while playing. This helps them to develop a positive way of interacting and socializing and help them understand how to maintain the pitch and language. This makes it easy for them to grow social skills and easily communicate with others.

Bring up Creativity

Giving them the freedom and space to play the way they want. It helps them bring up creativity by acting out the situations that they cannot do in real life alone. Like they cannot go out for shopping or restaurant. By imaginative shopping mall and a tea party with their toy at the imaginative restaurant let them enjoy the fun they are not allowed to have without parents.

Things are already running differently during this pandemic, there are some positive and negative both changes are observed in people. Routines are different, shopping is different, work-life has changed, meetups got short, and there is no way to stay out late at night. Well, along with all these things, children are enjoying online classes and remote schooling. In both teens and children, there is a massive change in behaviors and routines, in some way it is positive, and sometimes it is negative because it will make things difficult for the children to adapt to the previous routine again.

According to the studies, it has been noticed that there are around 1000+ students who are going through less anxiety due to remote learning in all this Covid-19 situation. Before the pandemic, there were around 54% of girls from the age group of 13-14 years, who were at a high risk of anxiety, but during a pandemic, the graph dropped by 10%. There is a drop in figures from 18-26% in the boys of the same age group. Now they have more opportunities to communicate with the teachers about their issues and a good connection with the school staff.

Before lockdown, there was a great impact of schooling has been observed on the mental health of teenagers, which could be due to the school staff and the environment. Feeling anxious because of the responsiveness of the school management and teacher is common in a student before the remote schooling starts.

It has been expected that there must be an increase in anxiety among pupils because of all this going on, but there is a positive change that happens to the mental health of teenagers and children. This drop has made parents raise the question, ‘how the school environment was affecting their children and their well-being’.

Usually, parents think that, when their children were unwilling to go to school, the only reason was they don’t want to get out of bed, always wants to play and grudging their homework. But this all is not the only reason. There is a significant effect of responsiveness of teachers to student’s queries that usually make them anxious and worried. That’s the actual reason they do not want to do homework as they don’t know how to do that.

The drop in stress level in lockdown was unbelievable. The autism spectrum has reduced to a significant extent as well. They have more sleep now, as they might have when they go to school, but that sleep includes the anxiety of malingering. As they are less anxious, they perform well and handle online classes and learning more effectively.

They might miss their friends, they are happy and calm, but still, there are things that they are not learning. Social behavior and basic ethics are missing. Still, parents can work on it. This study isn’t promoting remote schooling, however, it focuses on the lack of school management and teachers that should be considered, as the statistics of anxiety in children is already high, which is not good for the well-being of children.

The journey is so exciting and tiring at the same time. Well, well, from raising the infant in the womb to entering motherhood after birth is a far different thing for every woman. Once they get married, every woman starts wondering about the delights of life. A cozy and well-decorated home, pretty mornings and nights with husband and enjoy starring the children playing in the backyard in the evening. To make this fantasy go smooth women struggles from pain to discomforts and no sleep most of the time. Well, only women can understand the throbbing of others.

There are always some good memories of pregnancy and the time of birth. Women enjoy sharing it with their loved ones. It’s something refreshing to capture every movement, act, smile, and cries of the baby. As the new moms are living in the era of technology, it has now become really easy to compile and loop the memories. As compared to the old times when the resources were limited. 

With the increasing technologies, our children have become more active, playful, and try to communicate from just 3 months. These all little activities of new burns just wipe away the pains and stress of mommies, and they just grab their phone no matter how tired they were and start to capture those moments. 

Social media has become a wide entity where people love to share their happiness with their friends and make new friends as well. Although, mommies are not getting time for this all for sure but must be missing the social media days. Well, there is nothing to cut off yourself from socializing, your baby must be sucking most of your time, but have you ever think how to cope up with the postpartum rush? How to relax from the house chores? How to divert your mind from the stress you might be going through?

The answer is simple. People! Yes, sometimes a good chit chat makes a person relaxed for the whole day. You might be wondering, with this busy schedule, how you can give time to your phone and resume the social media activity. A mommies group is the best option. The best way to exert positive vibes is the gathering of mommies. Sharing the best moments of life, activities of your newborn, and share the ideas of how you are coping up with the postpartum phase. 

All you need to do is, simply make a WhatsApp group of your close friends, cousins, or random mommies, decide a meet up at a mutually consented place, bring your child along and have a good time in the fresh air. 

Releasing the positive vibes and collecting positivity from others help you get out of the stress that is disturbing your routine, bothering you, and making you depressed most of the time. The hours with your baby are the quality hours, instead, there must be some me-time. The group of moms will surely enable you to understand the things that are being difficult for you to absorb. So spend some hours with your mom’s group, stalk the group, or make your own and refresh your inner soul! 

Say no to social media, video games, emails, and work. Switch your phone off and enjoy the time alone. Instead of the electronic world, read books, sit near the window with a cup of tea or coffee, and daydream. This all makes you feel excited and relaxed meanwhile. Maximizing me-time is important for your mental health. When you are already tired of spending days tied with the households or work, a change in the schedule in terms of being a source of entertainment for yourself will tune you immediately.

Spending a good evening at home, and choosing things that you would love to do will recharge you. Every day you will have a few hours from that squeezed schedule when you can take the spa, and give most to yourself. These few tips will give you cool ideas.

Create Something for Fun or discover yourself! 

You must be thinking you are not a good painter or don’t have good drawing skills. But none of us knows every single human has some hidden talents. When you are alone and eager to do something, that time is best to discover the inner you.

If you are a good painter or draw well, create things you imagine and if you are not, then utilize me-time in discovering what skill you have and who you are. Don’t just hang up how this all turns out to be, just take it as fun.

Take a Good Nap

Mm… Taking nap doesn’t mean sleeping long and waking up with a neck ache. Lay down on your comfortable soft bed, go under your comfy covers, and take a rest. Sleep if you have time, or just close your eyes and feel the coziness of your fluffy bed and the comforter.

Watch Your Favorite Movie or Series

Well, people have different choices on TV shows, most of you might not consider watching TV all night or during me-time. But it would be a good choice and a source of entertainment. Watch something you rarely watch and try to indulge yourself in it. Enjoy your own company and treat yourself special.

Go out for some exercise or jogging

Visiting downtown gives you refreshing feels. Spending time alone doesn’t only mean that locking yourself in the room and getting bored at home. Go out in the town, put on your headphones, play your favorite track, and take a long route for jogging. Moreover, you can grab a coffee, sit on the bench of a park, and feel the fresh air, laugh of children, listen to the singing birds and enjoy the greenery everywhere.

Go with your Hobbies

Every single person has some specific hobbies. Some of you might have a hobby of singing, writing, reading, drawing, and more. Well, for whatever you are passionate just board yourself with simply with that. Now you finally get time to enjoy your hobbies, which you have buried due to your busy schedule and tiredness. This is the time when you can discover new things in your life without any sort of disturbance.

You may have heard eating certain foods can help boost milk production when you are breastfeeding your child. But what you are practicing to increase lactation?

Taking care of the position, watching the clock every while, and feeding your children whenever he/she is hungry is all that you can associate with breastfeeding. However, one more thing is really important for the new moms, which is how you are feeding yourself?

Along with the health of your baby, taking care of yourself and your diet is also a significant part. Whatever you eat affects your baby, during pregnancy and after birth when you breastfeed. Here comes planning a diet that can shoot up the supply of milk high quality avoid the shortage of milk.

Lean Meat and Poultry

Taking the top sources of iron is good for lactation. Poultry, beef, lamb, and pork are considered the best sources. As the iron intake boosts the lactation supply, then adding up these foods would be beneficial. Plan a meal that contains iron-filled foods but be sure about the amount of intake. Well, still there is no confirmed evidence for meat, hence, here you should concern your doctor before planning out something.


So, water is not as such food, but it is something our body relies on. Hydration is an essential part of our lives and so important to increase the breast milk supply. According to the studies, there are 75% of women stay chronically dehydrated. You are not required to drink gallons in a day, but drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day will fulfill the body’s needs. When you are nursing, it is important to have a water bottle in your reach.


So mamas it’s time to get back to your childhood and think of bugs bunny and the carrots. Carrots carry a good amount of Beta-carotene, which is in high demand when it comes to lactation production. Carrots boost potassium and a good source of carbohydrates. Moreover, when you take carrots as snacks you can also lose the extra baby weight.


Commonly breastfeeding moms include oatmeal, do you ever think why? Whole grains are rich in iron. Half a cup of dry oat is equal to 2mg of iron, which usually breastfeeding moms need in a day. Oatmeal is included as a fancy and attractive meal, women usually prefer oat-filled cookies, oatmeal latte, and old fashioned oatmeal.


Garlic is not just a source that gives delicious sensations, but for breastfeeding women, it increases the supply of milk as well. For ages, garlic is being used to boost milk supply in ten nursing women. The women who don’t like garlic and cannot take it directly can search for the recipes, including the required amount of garlic.

So mommies! You and your baby are both connected. The more you keep your child close the more he/she will get attached to you. Your health is important here, so plan healthy for yourself to feed your child healthy.

The work-life balance triggers relationships. Your partner may complain about your unavailability, doing work at home, checking phone and email all day. Catching up all things together, when work never stops for you is quite challenging. So you are always searching for any advice? 

It is hard to cut yourself from work and turn off your phone. The demands of your clients and colleagues are your availability, and you have to respond anyhow. The urgency looks like your job is on top every moment. People are successful because they are responsive, it is a competition between you and the other colleagues. The highly responsive and efficient people are always in demand. The question is still here, have you drawn the line? You never know where the line is and how to adjust it. 

Concern your Health 

Your physical and mental health is important to consider if you are struggling with depression and anxiety. You must be thinking of seeking health advice and therapy, but not getting enough time. Adjust these sessions with your work, or if needed, leave work early, as there is nothing more important than your health. Overburdening yourself never make you feel better, but will make you take more leaves in the future. When you feel relaxed you would be able to have quality time with your loved ones.

Take Breaks

Although, you are a human, and you need time to relax. There are some good times to take breaks in a day or weeks. Most people take a break for lunch and have a meal with their loved ones. The best day to check out is Saturday. Weekends are the best days to relax and recharge yourself for the coming week. Usually, people love spending these days with their loved ones, and that’s all your partner and family needs.

Set Goals

Setting goals and making list according to the priorities make your life easy. You will get time to concentrate and turn them into measurable goals. Adjust the time with your activities, whether it’s an important meeting with a client, an appointment with a doctor, or a hangout plan with your loved ones.

Take Out Time for your Loved Ones! 

Of course, your job is important, so your family is. Well, you are a human, and you need time and activities that make you happy. If you are not planning personal time, you will get no time for activities other than work. Make a calendar of family dates, spend hours with your loved ones, and make sure you have enjoyed the quality time excluding the work-life conflicts.

Accept there is no Perfect work-life balance with Relationship

Well, it is hard to make things perfect, and especially when it comes to work-life balance. When you have an extremely busy day and have to spend the other half with your loved ones makes you feel relaxed and energized. But, there is no perfect. Things are thriving, at the same time, they are hurdles of cutting yourself from the last-minute work chores. So it’s all you who can decide where to start and how to adjust following the prerequisites.

Are you a new mom? Prepared to raise your kid following the key facts? But wait, as a new mom you might not be aware of how balanced and prepared you are to juggle the full-time job. Well, in the mom’s groups you may already attend the discussion and might be taking advantage of them. However, that gossips are not enough, when you are becoming a mother for the first time, things must be confusing you. Reaching the ideal balanced work-life is the toughest task. When the whole world changes for you, it is quite difficult to discover yourself. 

Well, there is no formula or secret to becoming healthy and balanced. Balances of lives can never be created they are just measured, and time makes them probable. Here are some ways by which you can find yourself back to normal. 

Practice Mediating 

You may do yoga before pregnancy, and now you are not getting time to do it again. So, the best alternate is mediating. Take out 5 minutes from your routine and make them quality five minutes with mediating. Lay in a comfortable place, don’t think of anything, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and focus on your breath only, this will give you release from stress. 

Get Back to the Work Schedule

Mommies put all of their efforts to raise their children healthily. They rush for the baby chores all day, which drains all of the energy from their batteries. It is important for moms to add some other activities rather than the home chores to have some change in their routines. Get back to the work schedule slowly by working for a few hours or ask your management to allow you to work from home. 

Prepare yourself for a Morning Routine 

As a mom, you already have a very tough routine and a long to-do list. You are the core person of the family, and everyone needs you, especially the newborn. Have you ever felt that you need to bring change in your routine? To complete all of the chores before the end of the day, you need to wake up early as you do before your baby. Take out time for yourself, have a cup of tea or coffee, and then plan for the whole day. 

Plan your New Mom Schedule

There might be changes in your daily routine, as a little soul come into your life now you have to plan the day considering the chores of your baby. With a hectic all-day routine, it would already very difficult to include new things. Well, enlist 10 things you are supposed to do in a day rather than your daily on-going routine. Although never forget yourself you have to balance your emotional state and physical health as well. 

Hire Help

If you can afford it, hire someone for your help. If you find your routine tough, appoint someone who can help you in cleaning, washing, and with your baby chores. It is really hard to manage things with personal projects and to run the grocery shopping. 

Many of us are still confused about emotional triggers and mental health. However, this is the thing to understand both have their different spaces, but both affect the brain in different ways. Emotional triggers are situations that make us feel uncomfortable. These are the spots that make us understand at which stages of life we feel frustrated and unsatisfied. Simply the unpleasant moments that make us ask ourselves “What experiences of a person make me so frustrated?” the question we ask ourselves to make us spot the emotional triggers.

It is difficult to avoid all the situations that bother us, however, the thing we can only do is take the possible measures to listen to our inner voice that help us cope with the uncomfortable situations. Once we get to know about our emotional triggers, we should not expose ourselves to harming mental health. The solution could never be running away from the situations, however, try not to separate yourself from the world, when you get aware of your triggers, limit yourself from the people and avoid them.

Practice Acceptance

The triggers are challenging and upsetting, but they give us lessons of life as well. In these situations, you start to understand the wholeness and your own healing. Flexibility and acceptance are the two instincts that every one of us has. The triggers occur with all of us and they are part of our lives.

Take Deep Breathes 

When you are in a triggering situation, the first thing you can do before reacting towards it takes deep breathes. This interval gives us time to say what needs to be said at that time. Take a step backward and give time to get the ego calm down. If you want to answer someone’s action, you may have some space to think and respond wisely.

Understand the Intentions

Sometimes, in many situations, people are not intended to hurt you. And most of the time the person who is hitting you may not have an idea of the pain you might have. When you are not feeling comfortable about communicating with that person, you are unable to understand the intentions. However, the people who care about us, their compliments are unintentional. So we need to keep ourselves calm and stay neutral.

Find Humor 

When you are in an awkward situation or not feeling comfortable, start to find the humor in those situations. This is the quickest way to cope up with stressful situations.

Never think you are Alone

Thoughts of loneliness are very common in people in these triggering situations. When we think that everyone can easily control their emotions, and we are the victims. But we never know, the triggers are equally getting affected. Triggers lose their strength when they come to know that the people we believe in are also vulnerable in the same way. As we can never understand the problems of other people, the same way triggers are not aware of the troubles we are going through. All we can do is, have patients and handle the situation with positivity in mind.

When you are stressed, do you think you are paying attention to everything? Is stress only belongs to you, and you are the only victim? These statements are made to figure out the possible answer, ask yourself, as we never think of that. When you are stressed, experiencing burdens, the people around you are also get affected by it. The reason is, you might not paying attention to their conversations, not listening to their problems, not performing the house-related tasks properly, and most of the time you are absent-minded. Being in the world of dilemma and having a sabotaging behavior always triggering your loved ones.

Stress is common in the people who work, as they have to manage their home and job together. This is for men and women both equally. Stress always has negative effects on lives, and it is highly contagious. When you bring your work at home, as you are unable to reach the deadline, it naturally exhausts you. Your utmost preference is to focus on your work and this is exhausting your partner and the other family members too.

Finding out how work stress could be the true reason of weaken relationships is the really hard part for people. Of course, your job is important to run your family, on the other hand, your loved ones need time from you. The below-mentioned signs will reveal some of the reasons you are not aware of;

  • Bringing office work home with you.
  • Becoming emotionally numb and less compassionate.
  • You are not left with enough energy to go outside with your family.
  • You start to bring your stress with you in your bedroom also.
  • Being mentally disturbed and not having enough sleep at night.
  • Ignoring family gatherings and not sitting with them.

If you have finally observed your work stress is affecting your precious relations, now you need to protect yourself from shedding. Now all you need to do is find what possible steps you can take to keep your relations away from the work stress. As per the studies, there are 61% of people are suffering from stress.

Work stress can also stimulate negativity, and it can leave long-term effects between two partners, which sometimes leads to separations. Usually, people with stress canceling plans with their partner, not taking them for shopping, and outings, yelling at them for no reason, arguing all the time, and in worsen cases they take out their stress on them.

How to Balance Work with Relations

It is highly possible to balance work and relationships. As we never know in many stages we are balancing our life with other things. Yes, it is hard to avoid the work stress, so all we can do is start spending much time with family, listen to their problems, starts cycling and exercise to release stress, take healthy meals that keep you less aggressive, add chocolate to your life, talk to your partner when you are stressed and listen to his/her suggestions, take enough sleep, and prioritize your family when you are at home.