Pregnancy is the time when you are enjoying every single moment, regardless of being annoyed by the symptoms you are struggling with. A great way of remembering all of the moments is by maintaining the pregnancy journal. How you felt that time, the excitements of announcing your pregnancy, choosing the name, the first ultrasound, the heartbeat, the first kick, and everything you have felt at that time.

Documenting the time of you feel and what is the observation about pregnancy isn’t just end here, however, it makes the whole journey happier and healthier. It is not wrong to say that, preparing yourself is an emotional roller coaster, but, when you start to express your feelings it would help you to control your stress as well as boost physical flexibility and immunity.

When you save your thought, it supports in developing the attachment with the baby, and when the baby grows up, telling all the details could strengthen a distinctive bond to share. Firstly, you have to decide how you will maintain it and what you will pen down. Here are some smart suggestions that you can highlight the instincts about your pregnancy.

Baby Announcement

Write down the details when you got confirmed about your pregnancy. What it was, a surprise, or you were expecting? How you break the news to your partner, friends, and family. What reactions you got, surprised, or excited? Indulge all the sentiments and best reactions!

Choosing the Name of your Baby

This is the most exciting time when you choose the name of your baby, how do you come up with the perfect one? What did you consider when you found the sex of your baby? Does your husband suggest it or other family members? Was it hard for everyone to agrees with the name, or you had many options? These name picking memories are most exciting.

The Emotional You

When you are pregnant, you probably are the most emotional one. With the mood swings, the baby kicks that cool you down all of a sudden, and the excitement of meeting your little one, the change in the excitement level is something you have no control over. But share the negative emotions as well. You will laugh at them later about how you fight with your husband.

The Pre Mom Life

Think about your life before your baby and paint life after the baby. List down the activities you never miss, the TV shows and movies you never forgot to watch and the shopping hours you enjoy with your friends. Share how you decide you should now have a baby and what predictions you had about your baby.

Round-Two Firsts

If you have gone through pregnancy earlier, your second baby isn’t less special for you. Think about what is special about having a second baby. Compare your second pregnancy with your first one, focus on the difference in both pregnancies. Share the time when you revealed the second baby to your elder one that he/she is going to be a big sister or brother, and write down how he/she responds!

The New Year is here, and the blank calendar is stretched out before we do opportunities overflowed. Meanwhile, this new start imparts itself to addressing the messes – intentional or unintentional, which have compiled over the last 12 months.

The New Year is the best time to bring liveliness to every day and live life at the fullest with new beginnings. When the systems and routines become upgraded, now you have the right reason to enjoy. Families’ plans about which area of the house needs to be improved, how to make adjustments to new things; what should be replaced, and how to make the routines more aligned. When the last year ends with hectic you should start the New Year with some resolutions to be more organized. Here are some tips you can follow!

Use a Family Organizer App

As you all live under one roof, still you need to be aware of everyone’s activities at one medium, and the easy to access location. For that, you can use a digital family organizer app that is easily available on Google Play and App Store, these sort of applications contains meal planner, calendar, grocery and shopping lists, chore tracker, and features for other routine activities.

By using this, you can easily connect with the family members, the access to everything makes it easy to implement the specific family goals.

Planning the Meals

If you are more likely to have home deliveries and takeaway meals, in the New Year you should start with meal planning. Create a visual chart where you can direct the process, it could be a piece of paper, sticky notes, dry erase board, framed charts, or whatever you find easy. Decide one day in a week where you have hangouts together and plan meals for the week.

Plan for the snacks, meals of the week, frozen food, and fresh meals. Make the grocery list of whatever you want for the meal.

Assign Chore Day to Every Family Member

If you have become fed up with doing laundry all the time, assign a day for laundry to every member of the family. 8 years old or elder ones are preferred for this task. This will maintain the system, lessen the mountains of clothes, and prevent the laundry room traffic jam. You can go with more chores like cleaning, dishwashing, and cooking for those who are good at that.

Schedule Family Day Out

If the meetups are scheduled without mutual consent, and lack of communication and planning results in stress. The only way to lessen this stress is a scheduled meeting weekly. Always try to make these family meetings fun, simple, and short, create a calendar so every family member should know what would be next, divide tasks and explain who will do what, pen down the tasks so there is no surprise. Moreover, give chance to everyone to talk about the improvement and appreciate the efforts, especially encourage kids for their efforts and good behaviors.

Building the bond with the woman who understands you is a friendship hurdle you usually come across when you become a mother. After motherhood, it is hard to adjust among people, after some time you realize there must be someone with whom you can share things and troubles you are going through. You need someone to share your daily highs and lows with your kid. But if you are one of the friends in your friend’s circle who have a baby, you might feel isolated among them. Is it acceptable for you not to have a network of people that supports you? All mothers would scream NO!

When you attend the gatherings and find it difficult to make friends you sometimes feel socially isolated and a little hesitant. There are ways you should know to solve and cop up the problems.

Awkward to reach out to Strangers!

When you go to places and gatherings where you find people you don’t know, you may find it awkward to talk with strangers. The best thing you can do is go where you find most of the moms, it is always good to sit among the people you think will understand. It could be vulnerable for you to open to friendship but think, the more you need them, and they also need you.

There is a lot of mommies friends group that are the great source of socialization, so whenever you get free time at night while feeding your child hunt for some groups.

Found some Good Friends, but not agreed with their Parenting

Different opinions mean you will get to learn various new things, but there is always a difference in perception the same happens when you are with some good friends. They are the lifesavers for you as now you can share the mommy’s stuff with them, but you are not agreeing with their parenting.

The best way to come out of this worry is, say nothing to them and just listen, they might follow your advice, but some of their advice is not appropriate for you. It is important to think once that will this connection will stay long or not. Friendship always works fine, let the things go as they are going.

Your new friends might found it hard to mingle with your old ones!

It is the biggest problem that mommies usually experience, as yes people cannot mingle easily in one go. You cannot force anyone for friendships, it takes time. Try to be yourself and let the situation get solidified with your values and identity. When you learn to handle the social tension you will make things work.

Your presence is important here, present yourself as who you are among both the groups and make them involved with you. Keep the hope alive and leave it in situations. When you find it not a big problem, it will become easy for you to learn about new things and perceptions.

Let’s discuss the thing that mommies usually get stress over and tries all the possible ways to cope up with it. When you go through pregnancy, it is hard for you to accept all of the changes (good or bad) that you have come up with. Pregnancy means you have to experience life changes that are positive and negative for your health. Life changes when you deliver a baby and these variations are related to your body and beauty as well.

The hormonal imbalances, dark circles due to sleepless nights, and the change in routine might be frightening you and stopping you to attend those gatherings you must be missing for long. All of these things are making you look far from a million dollars, and you start wondering you may look like the old you. Well, with few efforts you can look as beautiful and fresh as you were.

Resume Exercise Regime

Well, with all of the hurries you might not be getting enough time to resume your healthy exercise routine. Just 30 minutes could refresh you! New moms are usually recommended to do the post-pregnancy exercises, and the reason for it is your beauty! Work out releases the hormones that all of a sudden make you feel good and relaxed!

Water, water, and water!

As you already know water is good for your skin, and after pregnancy and delivery, you need lots of working to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water means you are moisturizing your skin and getting your beauty back. Always find the best ways to detoxify your body and eliminate toxins by enough water intake.

Take Care of Cleanliness

You must be surrounded by diapers, maternity, and slushy foods, there must be a smell in your clothes due to baby creams and your sweat. Well, there is no denying the fact that it is motherhood, but your cleanliness comes first! Take a shower each day and moisturize yourself. It will make your mind and body feel fresh and clean.

Have Spa Treatment!

There are some major missing in your life, and one of them is Spa! You must be going through constant back pain, sleepless nights, and you are on your toes as you wake up. Now it’s time to treat yourself with the spa massage treatments. Book an appointment, take a back seat, and escape yourself from the routine mummy duties. The spa will soothe your mind and body and give you relaxing sensations that you were missing.

Treat your Skin

Well, the pregnancy glow is gone, and now you are left with a dull complexion, dark circles, acne, pigment spots, and swelled eyes. Now all your focus should be on your skin and your face. Go with the home remedies or book an appointment for better treatments. The best way to get your beauty back is, eat more fruits and vegetables and always follow a healthy routine to make the major changes after your delivery that make every head turn around.

For a healthy relationship or marital life, both the partners need to be supportive and psychologically fine. It has been examining by studies that why the mental health of partners is significant to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. The influence of partners on mental health could be both negative and positive, and you never know what the satisfactory factors are in marital life. The successful, fragile, and botched relationships are measured by the level of depression and stress of both the partners. Simply the marital satisfaction is associated with both partner’s levels of depression.

Researchers have found that there is a great impact on the spouse’s anxiety and depression level on relationship satisfaction as well as on spouse satisfaction. It is important to check how satisfied the partner feel with their spouse. If one partner is mentally disturbed stressed, has anxiety or depression there will be a significant impact on their relationship. Moreover, it has been also observed that if one partner is suffering from only anxiety there will be a lesser impact on marital life.

Researches done on masses has declared that, if a person is living with a spouse who is suffering from depression, the other partner would feel more burdened and sad because of the symptoms of the other partner’s depression.

Moreover, there is no way to handle life with a depressed partner and his/her persistent symptoms regardless of disconnecting. The depressed person always has negative feelings and that person always view the relationship and partner negatively, always expecting harm or marital failure or see their partner as cheating. When compared to the people who are living a healthy life they have a positive worldview and think positively about their partners.

There are no gender differences when it comes to marital satisfaction as per the researchers, even if the husbands or wives both have the same symptoms of anxiety and depression. Moreover, it has also been studied that, if both partners have a similar level of anxiety or depression they are at a high risk of marital dissatisfaction.

Well, it is really important to evaluate the mental health of both partners before marital dissatisfaction occurs. If the proper treatments have been taken before the problem appears may help prevent future problems in marital functioning. Depression, stress, and anxiety in both the partners decline the marital life and brings poor relationship and dissatisfaction double as compared to the couples in which only one partner have mental health problems.

Majorly, couples are recommended to handle each other’s mental health problems if both partners has similar symptoms, as people who are suffering from psychological issues can better understand one another’s problems. While, if one person has depression, it is important to help him/her to cope up with the problem just to prohibit the dissatisfaction and marital problems. Take your partner to a good psychologist, stand by him/her and take her out of the darkness. There is no permanent solution to mental health problems more than the love and care of a partner.

No one loves to wake up early, being an early bird is a big struggle for the people who love to sleep for long hours. Well, it has been proven that the people who wake up early are the most successful as compared to those who woke up in the evening. People who are early birds tend to be more proactive. If you are a night owl, it would be really hard for you to become an early person. But there are possible ways to change your habits.

There is a big role of genes in regulating the sleep schedule. There is a small collection of genes in the labyrinth of DNA which has a significant influence over whether you are a morning person or a night owl. Moreover, these genes have a great impact on shaping the inherent propensity for morning-ness or evening-ness, there are some more influences such as age, hormones, sunlight, and the planet you are dwelling on.

How to Control Sleeping Patterns to Become a Morning Person

There is a term used to define the tendency of being a morning person or a night person which is called chronotype. People associate the chronotype with animal terms such as dolphins, early birds, wolves, and night owl. These human sleeping phases do not have such association with animal labels.

There are ways to regulate your sleeping patterns as your sleep is important for your school, job, and house. Set the morning hours by following some easy tips.

A Good Nighttime Routine

Well, it is quite hard to manage the routine schedules, switching off the lights, and getting yourself on the bed is something that keeps you always confused. Creating some nighttime schedule like reading books, meditation, calming rituals, deep breathing, journaling, scratches, and some aromatherapy will help you get on sleep.

Alter the Bedtime

You may already know that sleep is important for your health no matter if you are a night owl or early bird. Begin with sleeping for 20 minutes or 1 hour earlier than your routine sleep schedule. Within weeks your sleeping hours get earlier and then you will wake up fresh after taking enough amount of sleeping hours.

Follow the Positive Impacts

When your sleep cycle starts to evaluate, there will be a significant change in your mood, energy levels, and productivity. Note down those positive vibes you experience, this will keep you motivated over the days when you feel confused or a little sleepy.

Don’t Allow the Eating Habits to Disturb your Sleeping Patterns

If you have finally decided that you will wake up early and sleep early, adjust the eating habits. Researches have shown that evening people tend to skip meals especially breakfast as compared to the people who wake up early. Evening people take fewer vegetables and healthy meals, moreover, they consume alcohol, caffeine, and junk food. Limiting caffeine, alcohol, and unhealthy food before bedtime help improve sleeping patterns.

Physical activities are important for kids to stay active and healthy. Anything that keeps kids moving is beneficial for them. Along with a healthy diet plan, parents should consult with the pediatricians to take a good plan for exercise age by age. Routinely exercise provide so many benefits to the children, physical and mental. It is the responsibility of parents to make a habit of exercise. The involvement of parents and having an ‘Exercise Play’ will make it fun for the children to enjoy physical activity daily.

Daily exercise helps children improve cardiovascular fitness, good for joints and bones, brings more energy, improves concentration and focus, improves flexibility, and gives strength to muscles. From the age of 6 to 17, children need to exercise for about 60 minutes a day. Well, exercise should not be so complex and tiring. Easy exercises have substantial benefits. Try to make exercise much simpler and fun that motivate the children to leave the couch and have some fun with you. Yes, you will have quality time also, so here is some simple exercise for each day.

Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is the favorite play for children, and they will love to do it daily, especially girl. It is an effective exercise to do in the morning, which improves the physical activity of children, and stamina. Moreover, it is best to relieve stress and good for blood regulation.


It is perfect if you have a good place to run at your home, well, a nearby park is a good option also. Jogging is all about running at a steady pace not too fast and not too slow. But, if we compare jogging with running it does not require too much energy. To keep your children physically strong jogging for a maximum of 15-30 minutes is good.


For the complete body workout, push-ups are the perfect physical exercise. When you are doing the exercise the muscles of arms, shoulders, hips, chest, abdomen, and legs once all together. Follow the possible tips for exercising properly.


If you want to build postural and awareness in your kids, stretching is the best activity. Also, it is a safe and significant exercise for the flexibility of the body. Before starting any daily routine exercise, stretching will instantly energize you.

Bear Crawl

The simplest of all. The bear crawl is a fun thing for the kids. All they need to do is get on all fours and start crawling on the floor like the bear. Start with the right hand and left feet and then left hand and right feet. Along with the fun, it is best to keep the kids active and enjoy the bear crawl.


This exercise is known as the core strengthening exercise for kids. Lay your kids on the floor on their bellies and guide them to expand their hands and feet like a superman is flying. When it is done rightly, it improves the back, hamstrings, neck, and glutes of children.

Writing letters to Santa Claus was a part of the celebration in the Christmas season. Kids love to mail the list of things they want from Santa. For the little bunnies, Santa is a saint who brings lots of gifts and surprises to make the Christmas holiday more exciting. Christmas is the most exciting and interesting holiday just like Halloween and New Year celebrations for the kids. Children wait for the whole month to enjoy the vibes of jingle bells, Christmas trees, yummy foods, and gifts all around them. They love to decorate the house with colorful hangings and lights with their parents.

But, hold on here! Don’t you think this Christmas will be different as celebrated ever? That’s right! As we all are stuck in the pandemic and lockdown situations, things are taking different twists, and we cannot even predict the changes.

All in all, as this all is being drastic for almost everyone, children are becoming stressed also, as they might not have that fun. Where children love to list down the gifts they want from Santa, here we see a big change in their letters and conversations. Instead of penning down the wishes, they are sharing all they have experienced in this pandemic.

Lots of letters revealed that children are writing heart-breaking stories and sharing their losses, which is a total distraction. Those letters show, how disturbed and stressful children are. We cannot predict what is going on in their minds as most of the time they are surrounded by the news, precautions and the most unacceptable thing, they are not allowed to visit their friends and can’t play in playgrounds.

When parents opened the letters their children are writing, they get them crying when they see them writing about their losses; a father shared the letter of his little son, where he shares how much he is missing his father, he wants to spend more time with him, and he is asking Santa for help. The letters left the public in tears, and the parents are in in-depth thoughts about how much their children are noticing things, they almost see them playing, but cannot predict their hearts.

This situation is bringing the children to a stressful situation. As they see their family members dying of the corona virus, they are getting afraid of this fetal disease and being stressed seeing their loved ones gone. Children are being frustrated about not spending much of the time with their siblings and parents who are away from them for some reason and got stuck there. The letters show that all they want from Santa this Christmas is the intimacy and their loved ones with them.

There is no way for children to express this frustration and emotions, the letters they are writing to Santa are subjected to their father/mother who is away from them, missing grandparents who are passed away due to corona and the happy life back. The gifts, toys, candies, superheroes, and all those wishes are missing. This surprises the masses and makes them cry, as those stories are hard to read.

At an early age, children want to play whatever they want. There are plays that do not have any specific name, they just make their own of their interest. Well, imaginative plays are known to fall in the category where there is no definitive name of the game, but children love to play. 

Imaginative plays are all about imagination. It has the characteristics that are sometimes unrevealed to the parents also. In simple words, it is the therapy to focus on. Well, it is known as the plays where children make-believes. It is fun for them, and parents should not stop them from imaginative plays as they have a significant role in the growth and development of a child. Simply, they should be encouraged by both parents!

In imaginative plays, children experienced some roles in their plays that are of their interest. Like playing doctor and school with other toys, pretending to be a mother or superhero, and more. They can play these games alone with their toys or with other children also. The below benefits will surely jolt you when you come across them!

Benefits of Imaginative Plays

Positive Behavior

Imaginative plays are fun for the kids as well as parents also as it gives parents a way to teach positive behaviors to their children. By asking the questions, let them comment, and discussing the confusions through playing in the situations with their toys is a gateway for incidental learning. This trick is used to make the kids work with parents and teach them about functional skills.

Physical Development

Making learning activities fun is best to teach the skills of physical development. Such as, changing the clothes of the doll and fitting those to the arms of the cloths help maintain hand-eye coordination. This makes them learn how to control and move their hands in various ways.

Self-regulation and Problem Solving Skills

Imaginative play when played in situations with other children help learn problem-solving and self-regulation skills. When a kid learns how to control the emotions and aggression that usually occurs when children don’t get what they want to continue and participate in the game. This boosts the ability to solve problems and deal with them positively.

Social Skills and Language

When children talk to other children while playing. This helps them to develop a positive way of interacting and socializing and help them understand how to maintain the pitch and language. This makes it easy for them to grow social skills and easily communicate with others.

Bring up Creativity

Giving them the freedom and space to play the way they want. It helps them bring up creativity by acting out the situations that they cannot do in real life alone. Like they cannot go out for shopping or restaurant. By imaginative shopping mall and a tea party with their toy at the imaginative restaurant let them enjoy the fun they are not allowed to have without parents.

Things are already running differently during this pandemic, there are some positive and negative both changes are observed in people. Routines are different, shopping is different, work-life has changed, meetups got short, and there is no way to stay out late at night. Well, along with all these things, children are enjoying online classes and remote schooling. In both teens and children, there is a massive change in behaviors and routines, in some way it is positive, and sometimes it is negative because it will make things difficult for the children to adapt to the previous routine again.

According to the studies, it has been noticed that there are around 1000+ students who are going through less anxiety due to remote learning in all this Covid-19 situation. Before the pandemic, there were around 54% of girls from the age group of 13-14 years, who were at a high risk of anxiety, but during a pandemic, the graph dropped by 10%. There is a drop in figures from 18-26% in the boys of the same age group. Now they have more opportunities to communicate with the teachers about their issues and a good connection with the school staff.

Before lockdown, there was a great impact of schooling has been observed on the mental health of teenagers, which could be due to the school staff and the environment. Feeling anxious because of the responsiveness of the school management and teacher is common in a student before the remote schooling starts.

It has been expected that there must be an increase in anxiety among pupils because of all this going on, but there is a positive change that happens to the mental health of teenagers and children. This drop has made parents raise the question, ‘how the school environment was affecting their children and their well-being’.

Usually, parents think that, when their children were unwilling to go to school, the only reason was they don’t want to get out of bed, always wants to play and grudging their homework. But this all is not the only reason. There is a significant effect of responsiveness of teachers to student’s queries that usually make them anxious and worried. That’s the actual reason they do not want to do homework as they don’t know how to do that.

The drop in stress level in lockdown was unbelievable. The autism spectrum has reduced to a significant extent as well. They have more sleep now, as they might have when they go to school, but that sleep includes the anxiety of malingering. As they are less anxious, they perform well and handle online classes and learning more effectively.

They might miss their friends, they are happy and calm, but still, there are things that they are not learning. Social behavior and basic ethics are missing. Still, parents can work on it. This study isn’t promoting remote schooling, however, it focuses on the lack of school management and teachers that should be considered, as the statistics of anxiety in children is already high, which is not good for the well-being of children.