Mango is the dearest fruit for every one of us. We wait for summers, as it is the scrumptious mango season. The yellow sweetened fruit with the pit in it, which is also known as Kernel, a large seed. We usually think that the mango kernel is just a waste, and we just threw it away in the trash, considering it of no use. But we never know it could be beneficial and nutritious for us in many ways.

As the pulpy fruits contain various health benefits, the seed inside them comes with advantages too. The big white seed contains antioxidants and nutrients. We usually think that this seed is not edible but it is edible, and it is used to treat various skin issues and hair problems as well. Here are some benefits you might not be aware of, and you must know to treat the health issues naturally.

Reduces Acne

The mango seed is good to treat acne issues. It is the best acne-fighting scrub. Grind the seed and mix it well with tomatoes. Apply gently all over the skin and use it daily. It will reduce the pores and combat acne breakout.

Control Blood Sugar 

You might hear that the leaves of mango are beneficial for blood sugar levels. However, the kernel seed oil is also good for blood sugar and highly recommended for diabetic patients. Reduces the absorption of glucose in the body and maintain the sugar levels.

Manage Weight 

The mango seed manages weight, the oil extracted from the mango seed stimulates metabolism and blood circulation. It also helps maintain the cholesterol level, which could aid the obese to shed an excessive amount of weight.

Encourage Hair Health

Mango seed is also beneficial for hair, if you have dandruff or hair fall problems, the oil extracted from the seed encourages healthy and strong hair. Use the oil 1 to 2 times a week, leave it for 30 minutes, and wash your hair. In a month you will surely notice the effects.

Skin Health

Women can do everything to keep their skin look fresh and glowing. Mango seed butter is the best solution for your skin problems. Especially for the winter season, using this as the lotion over your dry skin will keep your skin moisturized and healthy. It has the best barrier for skin dryness.

Reduces Risk of Diarrhea 

To cure the condition of diarrhea, you can use the mango seed powered twice a day. The powder should be well-dried, use only one gram, and properly mix it with honey.

Reduces Dandruff

You can get rid of dandruff by using mango seed butter. You can use it together with mustard oil and put it in the sun for some days. This mixture is lustrous for hair and strengthened it. Moreover, it protects hair from dandruff and greying.