Every woman who is expecting eagerly waits for the arrival of their baby. But, there are some signs that you should know about labor approaching, consider the signals that your baby will make for the early appearance.

Some of the mothers got a gut feeling that their baby is coming early. However, when they share it with the people around, they just laugh and say that rarely first pregnancy ends with early delivery and encourage them to complete the journey till the due date and deal with it. But, this isn’t necessary. Most of the women think their gut feeling wouldn’t work or legitimate for one of the signs of early labor, well, there is something related to this as mothers know it better. There is a strong connection between mothers and babies as they are nurturing a baby inside, however usually women experience more than one sign if they are going to have early labor.

Commonly women miss signs of early pregnancy which is one of the reasons they could not identify the emergency and are not mentally prepared. Premature contractions are hard to identify, however, for some, it is similar to the common delivery backaches and cramps. But still, there are signs that you should know to get your backpack ready and prepare yourself for the labor.

Back Aches

Back pains and aches are common in pregnancy, however, some distresses throughout the last trimester imply that your baby is coming before the due date. If you experience lower backaches it means your baby is moving in the right direction like four to six times or more in an hour, there is a need to contact your doctor (it means to get your bag pack and rush to the hospital).

Belly Troubles

One of the prominent signs that show your baby is coming soon is diarrhea. Most of the women reported diarrhea near to the due date as the sign of the start of the labor. If you notice something like that, drink plenty of water to increase hydration. Dehydration is one of the common reasons of having preterm deliveries.

Stubborn Contraction

Throughout the pregnancy, women usually experience contractions, but if you observed that it is increasing day by day and not going away, you need to rush to the doctor. Regular contractions are one of the prominent signs of having obvious preterm pregnancy. They might be or not painful.


There is an association between infections (including bacterial vaginosis) and early pregnancy. The common reason for having early labor is an infection, which could be of any type. The infection could be from specific foods, uterine infection, flu, or untreated UTI which could lead to a kidney infection. If you see any of the infections, your baby is coming early.

Less Weight in Abdominals

There is a feeling that usually women experience which is described as lightening, it is due to the less pressure in the abdomen when the baby comes in the right position for labor. When a baby gets into this position, women experience pressure in the vagina or pelvis. It is one of the strong signs if it occurs few weeks before the date.