Well, you don’t need to be a master chief when preparing food for your 5 months old. What matters is yumminess! Mommies stay worried about the health of their babies and waiting to make them grow healthy. From birth to the 4th month, infants are on breastfeeding or top feed, but when they enter the 5th month, mums should stay active from now. From planning the menu to deciding the right amount, the whole procedure is exciting and on the other hand, stressing you about whether your baby will take it or not! Yeah, it’s unpredictable!

Usually, parents are not aware of when to start solids and what to give them. They just stay busy rushing the best pediatricians and concerning about the 5 monthly old meal.

Pro Tip!

Well, when you are about to start, the most important thing is how to attract the newborn and what will develop their interest. When a baby becomes 5 months, he starts to notice colors, shapes, acts, and respond to sounds.

Before introducing the meal, get them on the table with you and let them grab and put it in their mouth. Don’t stop them from doing this, just make sure there is nothing harmful. When your baby starts putting something in his mouth that’s means he is becoming aware of eating. Moreover, use colors in their utensils and foods and let them grab, this means they are ready to eat.

Foods to Introduce in 5th Month

Changing meal-type and time all come in starting with the healthy eating routine. Well, you need to make a cute menu first. Here are some ideas!


5 months is the accurate age to give vitamins to your baby, and fruits are full of vitamins. When you begin with solid food, slightly cook or mash the fruits before giving it to your baby. Give tender foods to your babies, such as avocados and bananas are soft and can easily be mashed.


For growing children, eggs are a superfood. Offering an egg as a meal is good for the baby. Moreover, give babies boiled or semi-boiled eggs and make sure they are already taking some solid food before offering eggs.


Rice and oatmeal cereals are good for the baby when they enter the 5th month. Give the cereals a soft texture by adding water or formula to them. Flavored cereals are recommended to be avoided initially. If your baby likes cereals give them more variety.


Lean proteins are best for growing infants, but you need to be conscious here while opting for them. You can give soft and thin slices of boneless fish or chicken. Make sure it does not have any shrill bite.


Potatoes, papaya, and carrots in the cooked form are recommended to give in the fifth month. Make sure you have mashed the vegetables completely, and there is nothing that makes it difficult for the baby to chew. Fibrous and raw vegetables are advised to prohibit in the beginning.