You are now the regular purchaser of tissue boxes and rolls as your nose keeps running all the time? Are you constantly stiffing and wiping? Have you ever experienced escaping early from a meeting or gathering because your nose was running and you have no other way to get rid of it at that moment? If yes, then you need to consider what is causing you to experience it. Without any doubt, anyone having a runny nose issue living a life with annoyance, which is directly affecting the quality of life.

Well, people who are combating with chronic runny nose have to keep a tissue with them always as the mucus is running down to their face which is something hectic and irritating. There are insights that you should know to prevent and struggle with too much runny nose.

Mucus is Important but not too much

The layer inside the nose is known as mucosa which has various types of glands. Mucus is a bad knock but it plays some significant roles in health. Mucus keeps the sinus and nasal passages greased which protects the significant tissues from drying out. Moreover, they majorly prevent the bacteria and other types of dirt from entering into the lungs and other parts of the body. It contains enzymes, antibodies, and proteins that help in combating the intruders.

A minor amount is good as the benefits are mentioned above. However, when the nerves involve in supplying the mucus glands get overactive they begin to produce more mucus which is unnecessary for the body. When you have excess mucus it runs down from the nose or back of your throat, which keeps you maddened.

You should know about the Triggers

Most people are allergic to certain substances, moreover, some people have seasonal allergies or other types of allergies like food or pets. The common triggers include alcohol, food, hormonal changes or emotions, environmental irritants like dust, and all kinds of smoke and temperature changes. If anyone has any of these triggers that lead to a runny nose he/she should follow the preventive measures to get rid of its onset.

Get the Diagnosis at the Right Time

There is a common problem that the majority of people experience which is a diagnosis not on the time. Rhinitis can happen because of some specific reasons which common people could not diagnose. There are two kinds of rhinitis one is allergic and the other is non-allergic, or in some cases, people have the mixed form of these two conditions. Also, people could have runny nose issues due to a condition known as chronic sinusitis. Moreover, if a person’s septum is crooked or deviated it could lead to a runny nose and other nasal-related problems. So it is important to get immediate medical help if you see anything uncertain happening to you.

How to Treat?

Some people are unaware of the preventive measures they can take to prohibit the issue. All you can do is take care of yourself by following the below steps.

Identify your triggers: If you notice the specific trigger causing the runny nose problem, start to avoid those things.

Over-the-counter medicines or nasal sprays: There are some nasal steroid sprays and antihistamine over-the-counter medicines available which could help reduce inflammation and nasal mucus. But make sure you are using them with the consultation of your doctor.Significance of Fluids: It is important to keep your nose from getting too dry, as too much dry nose could overreact and create extra mucus. So drink enough amount of water or other fluids. You can also lubricate your nose with a saline rinse.